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Innovating at the Edge: Schneider Electric and HPE OEM Solutions


Last month, HPE OEM hosted customers and partners at HPE Discover More Munich - a two-day action-packed event focused on the latest in edge-to-cloud, AI and security innovations.

Schneider Electric, an OEM partner, showcased the Edge Center 6 modular datacenter at the event. Check out the video below captured at the event, which features Schneider Electric leader Debbie Dailey sharing how the company collaborates with HPE OEM for IT infrastucture innovation at the edge.


Modular Data Centers offer an alternative solution to overcome the traditional challenges of data center builds such as allocation of space, deployment in industrial environments, or the ability to scale capacity quickly.

To meet today's tech requirements, it has become critical to shift computing needs to the edge. But, what remains a challenge for customers is the remote nature of edge endpoints. According to Jay Owen, SVP for Schneider Electric's North American IT Division, "With our new prefabricated Edge Module, we're empowering customers to normalize their edge endpoints with identical implementations in multiple locations, providing the ultimate predictability in efficiency, reliability and operation – for a variety of different applications."

Working together, the companies bring a powerful, cost effective, secure, flexible, and environmentally friendly solution that transforms the way we live and work.

Audrey Cox
Hewlett Packard Enterprise



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