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Introducing V-OEM: a simpler way to offer an integrated OEM solution

“Transforming innovation into enduring success” is the motto of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Solutions. The organization is constantly evaluating ways to help OEMs innovate.


Speaking about how one OEM partner, Veritas, has benefitted from an innovative new service from HPE, Phillip Cutrone, Vice-President and General Manager of Service Providers, OEM and Major Accounts at HPE, said: “The new development enables Veritas to provide customers with high performance, world-class reliability, and global support.” But what is this new development he is referring to?

HPE OEM Solutions has decades of expertise with OEM-specific challenges. We have now created a virtual-OEM (V-OEM) model—a complimentary service designed to give OEMs increased flexibility and offer them an additional route to market that frees them from being too involved in the hardware delivery and billing. The V-OEM program is available to applicable OEM partners with their own IP and a repeatable HPE hardware solution across many industries. So, how does a V-OEM model work?

HPE developed the V-OEM program in alignment with its channel partners worldwide, to help OEMs market fully integrated solutions, without being explicitly involved in the hardware. OEMs with V-OEM agreements still sell their own solutions but benefit from a trusted HPE-authorized partner to transact and deliver the hardware component. Having less engagement with the hardware means the potential impact of hardware margins on OEMs is reduced, and they can instead free up funds for digital transformation, to maintain a competitive advantage.

With support from HPE’s channel partners, the V-OEM service offers OEMs and their customers the stability and reliability of HPE technology, with consistent hardware, software and support anywhere in the world. With this global reach, OEMs have increased scalability options and greater flexibility, ensuring their businesses can grow and respond to market demand and deploy solutions faster.

The V-OEM service is also designed to enhance the OEM’s end customer’s experience and satisfaction. By receiving a fully integrated and validated mix of hardware, software and support, end users can get up and running quickly with a solution, with minimal disruption. They have peace of mind from ongoing support and are set up to easily flex and scale their implementation over time. Meanwhile, they can benefit from reduced support costs, and investment can be redirected into developing core Intellectual Property (IP)—it’s a win-win.

OEMs can also take advantage of the platform by optimizing internal processes to support automated and efficient practices. With a single-pane view of cost, governance, performance, operations and security, OEMs can have greater insight into their business, all while maintaining the benefits of a turnkey solution.

Elaborating on the V-OEM partnership with Veritas, Cutrone explained: “Organizations worldwide turn to HPE for high-performing, versatile and secure technology to optimize solutions for their customers. In our latest collaboration with Veritas, we jointly developed for the first time a certified, Veritas-branded solution for NetBackup Flex Scale by combining HPE ProLiant servers with Veritas’ hyperconverged, scale-out backup and recovery software. We look forward to collaborating with Veritas and their channel partners to deliver this exciting new solution.”

In conclusion, a V-OEM agreement with HPE OEM Solutions can offer a number of OEM-specific benefits, but perhaps the key benefit of using the V-OEM service is being able to offer end users a complete solution of software and hardware, validated by HPE. Because every OEM business is unique, the V-OEM service is a better fit for some OEMs than others. V-OEM is a particularly exciting prospect for software companies that currently do not have a designated specific hardware vendor but would like to offer a full integrated hardware and software solution to end-users.

If you think your OEM business could be transformed with a V-OEM model, find out more today by reading the V-OEM brochure.

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