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IoT.Nxt Extend Market Reach Globally For Its Unique IoT Solutions, with HPE


It takes a lot of things for any organization to operate today. Of course, different types of organizations have different things— everything from trucks and big industrial control systems to building management and security systems. Managing a variety of disparate systems and equipment can be complex and make it difficult to aggregate important intelligence that could help the organization run more productively, efficiently, and safely. Fortunately, organizations can now turn to IoT.nxt to solve that issue.

IoT.nxt has a unique solution that makes all systems, processes, machinery, and other ‘things’, smart and communicate with each other—regardless of type, brand, or model. The secret is the company’s Raptor software, which runs on the HPE GL10 IoT Gateway at the edge. Raptor™ is a single point of integration and translation for disparate systems, and the HPE GL10 IoT Gateway provides it with the processing power to filter data and perform logic functions at the edge. This enables end customers to gain valuable insights from across the enterprise.

According to Celeste Muller, Partner Marketing Manager, “We’re focused on building the best software in the world and need a partner like HPE OEM to provide robust gateways for us to deliver a complete solution for our customers. The extended warranty service that HPE OEM provides on a global basis is also important to ensure our customers are properly supported if they have any technical problems in the field”.

As a growing company, IoT.nxt sought an OEM partner to extend its business reach globally. Jason Bradlee, COO Americas for IoT.nxt explains, “The HPE OEM program provides the global platform we need to sell and support our solutions in markets all around the world. We look to the HPE OEM organization for logistical support to deliver our solutions to end users in different countries”.

In addition, the HPE OEM program provides IoT.nxt with a partner to help the business evolve to meet customer needs not only today but into the future. For example, IoT.nxt is actively working with the HPE OEM organization to build a go-to-market framework to improve the speed and efficiency of delivery channels. Bradlee concludes, “We have a very collaborative partnership with HPE OEM, which is helping us plan a strategy and road map for the business”.

For more information on HPE OEM and how to engage, read here.

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