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Is Artificial Intelligence soon becoming a saving grace in mental health treatment?


The healthcare industry is reaping tremendous benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI). But, do you know AI is now being used to treat mental health complications as well? Yes, you read it right. AI is no longer only utilized for improved cancer detection and cure but also helps in tackling the mental health crisis in a major way. As per a survey, 50% of mental illnesses remain untreated, hence we simply cannot ignore this growing concern. It is very crucial to recognize mental health issues as essential to a physical health crisis. With the global AI boom, this technology is making deeper inroads to address such concerns.

With the help of AI algorithms, psychiatrists can now analyze data faster, suggest treatments & also monitor a patient’s progress. For a patient with a mental illness, there's a constant need for care and support. Sometimes, there's a crisis as medical professionals are not always accessible. AI has taken a step forward to provide "an accessible, continuous monitored care within the realm of anonymity to the patient".

For some people suffering from depression, antidepressant medication doesn't always help. With the help of AI, medical practitioners determine the effectiveness of medicine depending on the patient's progress. AI is used to capture the patient's brain imaging that can help doctors analyze how a patient’s brain processes emotional conflict. However, that's not all. Mental health care can be quite expensive, which the AI technology can sometimes make more accessible & affordable. Other than this, AI has also helped people across the world, who have been living with complex health conditions for long.

At a time when the medical industry is undergoing drastic changes, AI is bringing in the change to improve all aspects of patient care and enhanced clinical collaboration. At HPE, the OEM team has been consistent in driving innovation and Machine Learning that has opened up an accelerated path to stay ahead of the competition and further enhance the value of healthcare solutions.

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