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Join HPE OEM at Discover for an Exclusive Look into What's New in IT

Are you looking for innovative and integrated solutions for your IT? Then you cannot miss Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Discover 2018 in Madrid on November 27-29, 2018 where thousands of IT professionals from around the world come together to learn about the latest wave of technologies from HPE’s vast portfolio of solutions from the edge to the core data center and to the cloud. Check out numerous product demonstrations, expert talks, and presentations on how HPE OEM solutions can help you stay on top of what’s new in IT. An exclusive look into new products, market developments and strategies will be discussed at the event. Get to know HPE OEM experts in insightful one to one sessions and reception.

Join HPE OEM team at Discover 2018 in Madrid and experience the event with thousands of IT specialists and executives. At the HPE OEM Solutions hub, you will harness the incredible power of the industry’s most transformative technologies. Stop by the HPE OEM booth and get the personalized tours on the show floor and attend demonstrations that showcase OEM innovations from various verticals. We have partners like Venzo, Datex, Konica Minolta, Realwear, Xpar, and Avion sim on the show floor. In the healthcare segment OEM partners with Cerner, Philips and GE healthcare representing there latest technology that radically improves people’s lives.


Discover 2018 Madrid HPE OEM Solutions Hub

  • Dedicated OEM Solutions Hub showcased with six live OEM demos showing HPE and OEM integrated technology applications.
  • 15-20 live demos on the show floor that illustrate HPE OEM technology applications.
  • Six professional studio video interviews talking about HPE OEM collaboration and applications.
  • 4 HPE OEM sessions (three breakouts, one theatre on the floor) to highlight the overall HPE OEM value proposition as well as IoT / Edge development and a customer-filled panel discussion outlining HPE OEM business applications.
  • HPE OEM dedicated dinner meeting in which all OEMs participate in a celebratory event with HPE OEM executives and management.


Prepare for a world where everything computes. Get ready to join thousands of technology professionals from around the world for three days of inspiration, learning, and networking. Register today for HPE Discover 2018 in Madrid. Hear the HPE OEM leadership team and other industry visionaries presenting IT solutions that can transform your business. Here is a list of OEM demos at this year’s event.


HPE OEM Edge Technology                                                                                              Session ID: DEMO529

In today’s interconnected world of IoT, wireless technologies are ever increasing in importance. Along with wireless, data security within these networks is becoming paramount. HPE OEM has a great portfolio of industry-leading wireless and network security offerings. OEM’s find these newer technologies valuable with solutions that are deployed within connected environments. See how HPE OEM Intelligent Edge and networking capabilities can extend the connected reach of your OEM solution.

HPE OEM Solutions Hub                                                                                                     Session ID: DEMO532

For companies looking to integrate technology into their OEM innovations, selecting the right partner can be the difference between short-lived progress and long-lasting success. HPE OEM Solutions is the right partner to provide world-class solutions for your integration needs.

HPE OEM competitive positioning                                                                                    Session ID: DEMO528

While ideas are sometimes easy, there are multiple challenges to getting those ideas turned into products and offerings, sold to customers and then serviced in the field.

HPE OEM industry re-branding services                                                                            Session ID: DEMO534

As IT technology has scaled, incredible innovation and power have become increasingly affordable through industry standard solutions, scalable storage offerings and a wide spectrum of service and support options. HPE has an incredible portfolio of OEM services that include integrated, embedded and private label offerings that can exist within many different environments.

HPE OEM innovation made easy                                                                                   Session ID: DEMO527

HPE OEM Solutions enable innovative businesses of all types and sizes to harness the incredible power of the industry’s most transformative technology. We utilize our decades of expertise in technology, services, supply chain and financial innovations to tailor our industry-renowned solutions to our customers’ unique requirements.

HPE OEM market applications                                                                                         Session ID: DEMO530

HPE enable its OEM partners to refocus their energy from operations to innovation. Our dedicated HPE OEM team supports product fulfillment and solution architecture and integration.

HPE OEM security and surveillance                                                                                 Session ID: DEMO531

Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM Solutions serves customers who integrate, private label or embed compute, storage and networking into the products they bring to market.


We look forward to seeing you there!


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WW OEM Communications & Brand Awareness
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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