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Join the HPE OEM Partner Team at Discover 2018 Las Vegas

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM Solutions enable innovative businesses of all types and sizes to harness the incredible power of the industry's most transformative technology. From 19-21 June, over 10,000 IT professionals will have the opportunity to hear from the HPE leadership team and other industry visionaries about existing IT solutions that can transform businesses.

Featured demonstrations

We are just two weeks away from the pinnacle HPE event of the year – HPE Discover 2018 Las Vegas. Moreover, to help highlight all the great showcasing of HPE products and technology is the HPE OEM Solutions Hub. If you already have a ticket, make sure you add the following sessions to your agenda. We are pleased to announce that we have a huge OEM presence at this event – may be the largest yet! – consisting of-


  1. A dedicated OEM Solutions Hub, showcasing four customer applications of HPE OEM technology.
  2. As many as 15+ demos on the show floor that will be leveraged to show OEM applications - in areas of IoT, manufacturing, healthcare, and networking.
  3. Additional features around customer interviews, photographers, prizes and of course, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM Dinner– which is always a highly engaging and memorable event for our customers.


  1. Konica Minolta's (KM) Workplace Hub

KM is an all-in-one solution that combines state-of-the-art hardware, software, and services using a bespoke HPE ProLiant Server. Utilizing HPE's Gen10 servers, Workplace Hub includes a multifunction printer, data storage, Wi-Fi access points and hybrid cloud. It's equipped with an uninterruptible power supply and is designed to evolve continually as system updates, and new features become available. See it in action at the HPE OEM Solutions Hub presenting on the topic-

  • TUESDAY 19 JUNE | 4.30 - 5.30PM |Delivering Hewlett Packard Enterprise initiatives through HPE OEM Solutions- Hear Christian explain how today's Workplace Hub is only the start in our transformation, and how HPE technology enables us to address the critical challenges in a fast-growing marketplace. (Session ID B4992)
  • WEDNESDAY 20 JUNE | 12.00 - 1.00PM |Empowered healthcare for consumers, clinicians and patients: Improving satisfaction, cost efficiencies, and outcomes- Joanna will take part in a panel discussion, sharing experiences of how the Intelligent Edge, IoT, and Hybrid IT form the ecosystem that enables providers, payers, patients and researchers to improve the overall experience and outcomes.  (Session ID PNL4809)
  • THURSDAY 21 JUNE | 9.00 - 9.30AM | Enabling precision medicine through a digital transformation- Joanna will provide insights into how digital transformation combined with efficient aggregation and analysis of heterogeneous data can facilitate the adoption of precision medicine approaches for better patient outcomes.(Session ID IF5030)


  1. General Electric (GE) Aviation

Bringing HPE OEM technology to the edge, GE Aviation mitigates data sovereignty concerns from airlines, protects customer data and provides fast, actionable insight for the aviation industry.  Find GE Aviation Digital at the event at Booth #:MR 3003

  • WEDNESDAY 20 June | 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM | What if you could only choose 50% of your assets for a mission- All risk is interconnected and can have a negative financial impact with adverse effects on operational performance. Many risks start with the asset. The Predix APM (Asset Performance Management) solution allows companies to improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs and reduce risks through continuous health monitoring and failure prevention. The APM solution connected with Field Service Management capabilities enables companies to strategize their field maintenance, ensuring maintenance workflow executions, along with compliance and safety. (Session ID IF6292)


  1. Venzo Secure

Security surveillance is a fast-growing market, and the competitive landscape requires innovation at lightning speed. See Venzo's powerful CCTV analytics, powered by HPE OEM technology in action at the HPE OEM Solutions Hub. Learn how their complex video surveillance solutions are enabled using HPE OEM technology, benefiting their cost-conscious customers that expect blue-chip value.

Security and surveillance original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are under pressure to provide innovative and scalable solutions that work across all global markets. To compound matters, video surveillance solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and configuring proven software on optimized server platforms can pose additional challenges. Venzo Secure overcame this difficulty by leveraging HPE OEM Solutions’ high-quality servers, which can be customized for each implementation. This allows Venzo to deliver turnkey CCTV solutions to IP video software integrators worldwide, helping to increase security and reduce operating costs.

Find out how HPE OEM Solutions technology helps security and surveillance OEMs such as Venzo stay ahead of the curve. It reduces solution costs while speeding up time-to-market on a complete portfolio of world-class solutions with global support. Know more about Venzo demonstration at booth# 709.


  1. Datex Inc.

It's not a matter if your network will be breached, it's a matter of when. Datastealth is a next-generation data security solution which protects sensitive business data and reduces customer's annual PCI Audit scope by 95%. Stop by at booth # 709 of the HPE OEM Solutions Hub to see a full demonstration of Datex offerings.


Learn about HPE OEM opportunities at the event through this exclusive video.


Register today - we look forward to seeing you there!

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