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Join us in Madrid to know the Future of Healthcare and How HPE is Empowering Patients

We’re creating a world where everything computes, a world that’s hyper-connected, where everyone and everything shares data. The possibilities to turn all of that data into action and value – to create new experiences, new products and services and drive efficiencies – is what’s driving us to a faster, more intelligent world. It’s a world where billions of connected people, devices and things are sharing data from our cars and homes, workplaces, museums, stadiums, hospitals, factory floors, and your data center – creating petabytes of data that bring new insights and actions – and where AI is used to make decisions faster and autonomously, with speed measured in nanoseconds. 


Digital Medicine for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and life sciences can’t get by on bandages for IT anymore. You need digital transformation to be able to deliver the services that are demanded continually. And you need a partner with a record of success to help. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has delivered solutions to healthcare and life sciences for decades, and have the vision and solutions to create the right mix for your specific digital use cases. This combination of the right mix and the right experience will accelerate the right outcomes for you.

HPE is providing the services and products to deliver: Integrated, Cost-effective, Patient-centric Healthcare which results in; improved operational efficiency, increased clinical outcomes, and together improves the delivery of health care for the patient, clinicians, and clinical managers.

Here is a brief of the healthcare sessions at Discover 2018 Madrid:


PNL6852 Do you believe the hype?  The future of healthcare based on Blockchain, AI and security, how will you cope?  

Decentralized healthcare data needs to be secure and connected to enable the next generation of patient care.  In this session, we will explore the importance of creating a flexible, digital foundation to support a host of use cases made possible by emerging technologies.  Hear from HPE experts, customers and partners about real-world examples of how Blockchain and artificial intelligence are changing healthcare today.

IF6847 Hybrid Cloud for Healthcare

Hybrid Cloud is a trend that is here to stay. What benefits do we see for healthcare providers adopting a hybrid Cloud strategy, and how will it support improved patient care and better outcomes while increasing clinical efficiencies? This session will provide insight and best practice of Philips’s Hybrid Cloud based platform called HealthSuite on premises.

IF6850   What does the digitization in healthcare mean for your storage?

You need to transform to deliver healthcare services that keep pace with demand. And you need a partner with a record of success to help. The size of healthcare data is at the point of explosion.  As clinical imaging technology continues to improve resolution and the amount of diagnostic imaging data collected increases, the size and scale of the resulting files are growing 50-100 times. See how digitized healthcare is providing a better healthcare delivery experience for both patients and clinicians.

T7085 Real-Time Locations Solutions to Empower Caregivers

In a world of ever-increasing pressure on healthcare systems, creating solutions that improve patient care while driving efficiency has become a priority for healthcare providers around the world. Misplaced equipment, can be a burden on caregivers at best, and life-threatening at worst. Learn how STANLEY Healthcare has developed world-leading Real-Time Locations Solutions in partnership with Aruba to Empower Caregivers and ultimately improve patient outcomes.



DEMO1005 Digital healthcare: Sensing the “silent killer”

Sepsis is one of the biggest killers. In the UK alone, of the 150,000 annual cases, 44,000 ends in death, more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. It could be so different. Sepsis can be treated relatively simply, but the difficulty lies in spotting a complex condition before it’s too late. This is where technology can help through Cerner’s St. John Sepsis Agent.

DEMO1006 Digital healthcare: Improving the patient experience

Healthcare data needs to travel, from edge to cloud, with patients and clinicians. High dependency intensive care units are being digitized. There is a need for increased care, by providing IoT-enabled, 24/7 clinical monitoring from different locations. No matter where your constrained resources are located, you need to move data to your clinical staff.

DEMO1007 Digital hospital: Allowing patients to be people and doctors to be doctors

How will technology change healthcare in the future? Outpatient care is transforming as patients are empowered to manage their conditions. See how technology is empowering patients to focus on their health, wellness, and health maintenance.


HPE’s vision is to enable high-quality care, lower costs, and promote healthy populations of engaged citizens’ thereby improving health and community well-being through technology and health information that is accessible when and where it matters most.

HPE helps you find the best platform to ensure the type of visibility best suited to position yourself and your company. HPE brings together digital health expertise and solutions to deliver integrated, cost-effective patient-centric healthcare. Outpatient care is transforming as patients are empowered to manage their conditions. How would you like to see technology empower patients that you know?


We look forward to discussing opportunities in healthcare at Discover 2018 Madrid!


Audrey Cox
WW OEM Communications & Brand Awareness
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