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Leaders in CCTV solutions rely on HPE OEM

The big challenge for security integrators is that customers are savvier today. Nearly everywhere you turn video surveillance cameras are on the watch to deter theft, expose fraud, aid criminal investigations, catch speeders, gain business intelligence and more. From your local grocery store to sports arenas, airports, hospitals, schools, hotels, and institutions of all types and sizes, cameras are capturing footage critical to public safety, protection of property, and community well-being. However, as the number of cameras skyrockets, many organizations are challenged to store the massive amount of video data generated. Large venues like airports and stadiums may have thousands of cameras, which can strain typical white-box video servers and result in poor image quality. And new legal requirements are driving longer retention periods, compounding the storage issue.

Because a surveillance system runs intensive management software and has to store large amounts of data, the servers you choose for your surveillance system are very important. While you cannot eliminate the chances of a hardware malfunction or failure, selecting hardware designed for professional video surveillance applications is your best option for the best system performance.

With a strong focus on service and commitment to providing the best solutions available in the market, video surveillance companies continuously evaluate the latest technologies and deliver innovative solutions backed by world-class logistics. These companies develop value-added video management software and need reliable server platforms that are tailored to meet customer requirements and support to deliver worldwide.


Selecting the right partners

A lot of organizations that first moved to IP video, quickly discovered their plain vanilla video server couldn’t scale with performance. Every time they added a camera, video quality went down. With HPE, customers get a solution for optimized video that scales practically without limits. With those requirements in mind, two major software companies in the video market selected the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM program to provide the platforms and services needed to support its software solutions.

Vista Images - Vista has over 25 years of experience in the CCTV industry and belongs to the UK’s most successful distributor of IP video and CCTV solutions. Because Vista operates in the fast paced Security marketplace, reliable on-time delivery and after-sales support are crucial. HPE provides the reliable delivery times needed for software and distributes integrated solutions to their customers. Vista leverages the HPE OEM program to support the development of innovative offerings for its customers The HPE OEM program helps deliver quality, reliability, and support that helps differentiate our solutions from lower costs offerings in the market.

BCDVideo - IP video server innovator BCDVideo continues to improve performance, scalability, and efficiency for resource-intensive video surveillance projects. By migrating to the HPE ProLiant Gen9 portfolio, BCDVideo doubled the number of cameras per server, providing security integrators with greater flexibility, higher throughput for improved image quality, and an even lower total cost of ownership. BCDVideo’s solution approach includes storage, networking, and client viewing stations—all built on HPE products and technologies and supported by HPE Foundation Care Services. BCDVideo is an ideal fit for the HPE OEM program. The two companies share a customer-oriented entrepreneurial spirit, continuously advancing technologies to enhance capabilities and cost-effectiveness.


Solutions based on HPE platforms backed by HPE Foundation Care Services. No matter where in the world a customer is located, they can reach HPE to address any hardware issues. The HPE OEM program provides the platforms needs to build high-quality products that customers can rely on for crucial activities like security monitoring.


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