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Learn how supply chain resiliency is important to OEM Integrators


In an ideal world, each server running the software would work immaculately. But in present reality, at some point or the other, a segment will fail and needs to be substituted. The smart components needed to do this are worthy of particular attention in production and logistics. Intelligent supply chain integration has become crucial to business success.

Today, most enterprises are adopting advanced SCM (Supply Chain Management) systems to enhance their logistics operations and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing business environment. By keeping an eye on product flow right from the port of origin to the warehouse shelf, and shipments to final destinations, SCM brings immense business scope and progress.


What does supply chain transparency mean to HPE OEM Integrators?

HPE platform helps minimize the effects of supply chain constriction and stay a step ahead of potential disruptions with a combination of software, toolsets, and services that capture real-time information on their hardware program. The whole process is based on the aspects below:

  • Supply Chain Resiliency: Sharing information upstream and downstream through a collaborative, transparent platform provides specific hardware information to customers.
  • Inventory Transparency: A toolset that provides visibility into a structured inventory program, with accurate levels of stocked systems and component inventory, allows data-driven decisions about stocking levels to reduce the effects of peaks and valleys of supply in the market.
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Upstream data sharing for platform longevity.


Our OEM Integrators have noticed that the results they’re getting with HPE are reducing the process complexity of the supply chain. The growth in HPE OEM-I business demonstrates the demand for Tier One hardware platforms in the server appliance space, the value of our brand, and the importance that ISVs place on easy penetration of new global markets through our global support policies. Working with HPE provides platform engineered with industry-leading components that have longevity and reliability. In other words, it ensures the hardware you deploy is optimized for performance and built to last. As a result, OEM Integrators gain a greater experience of product with less set-up, integration, and support issues.


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The HPE OEM hpe.com page showcases the quality, experience, and pedigree of the HPE OEM program and why our customers are choosing HPE. Visit the new site today!

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