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Leveraging the Internet of Things in the Telecom industry with HPE OEM Solutions

The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) has more or less transformed every industry by enhancing business procedures and helping them generate more revenues. After proving its potential in industries like retail and agriculture, IoT is now all set to transform the telecom business by enabling remote monitoring and maintenance. With the help of IoT, telco organizations can enable real-time equipment monitoring.

IoT can help telco companies acquire large volumes of critical data. They "can develop information pools with the help of data collected by IoT sensors. Telcos can use the acquired data to generate analytics that can help gain crucial business insights". By utilizing IoT, they can now monitor remote sites more effectively for safety hazards.

According to a recent survey, leading telecommunication companies will support the 5th generation mobile network standard by 2020. As the 5G race is on with astonishing download speeds, it will soon give the world broadcast-like delivery of streaming digital content. HPE has long been a partner for OEMs in the telecom markets, and we are now ready with powerful solutions built for the edge like rugged HPE Edgeline servers that can quickly be configured with the right data to meet your needs. It also ensures your global reach to help you serve and support your customers wherever they are, enabling you to innovate faster and grow your business.

By collaborating with HPE OEM, Telcos can support an infrastructure serving customers globally on technology innovation such as data analytics and IoT. To read more about HPE OEM & its offerings, click here.

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