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Machine Learning is the Future of Work, Promises to Revolutionize our Lives

The most powerful form of machine learning used today is “Deep Learning” , built on a complex mathematical structure called a neural network based on vast quantities of data. Deep Learning, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), is about enabling computers to learn new concepts from raw data much like a human mind. A deep learning system, for example, can spot the difference between a flower and a tree after viewing thousands of images of each. Deep learning requires extreme compute, I/O and networks, as well as exponential scaling. Traditional IT infrastructure is inadequate – you need optimal platforms designed with deep expertise.

A report published recently by Erik Brynjolfsson and Tom Mitchell, stated that technology will transform the economy as the steam engine and electricity did in the past. The future of work will hinge on machine learning technology, a type of artificial intelligence that improves performance with experience, according to Carnegie Mellon University's Tom Mitchell. 

Artificial Intelligence uses a massive amount of data that recognizes certain patterns correlated to successful results. AI can amplify human capabilities and turn exponentially growing data into insight, action, and value creating a competitive edge. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) delivers to create more powerful, flexible, secure and efficient computing and data architectures, powering AI from edge to cloud to the core. Watch the AI panel talk below on The Future and Ethics of AI at HPE Discover 2018. The session explored some amazing things we can use AI for, and how it can help build the culture, skills, and tools necessary to enhance human capabilities across every industry.


Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the hottest area of computing. But what exactly can you do with it? And how do we harness the potential of AI so that humans can shape the next economy, generating business value while embracing diversity?  All the questions were answered at Discover last month on how AI can change our world for the better. Watch the video here!

Customers win with AI and Deep Learning

  • Konica Minolta - Enabling precision medicine via data analytics and AI

Konica Minolta partnered with HPE to use artificial intelligence to transform data analytics into action, improving financial stability and patient care

  • The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center- Solving big healthcare puzzles with AI

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center applied artificial intelligence to big data analytics to answer big questions about cancer genomics and autism, watch the video here!


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