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Meet the Team: Kevin Freymeyer


Our ‘meet the team’ blog series continues! Today we’re catching up with Kevin Freymeyer, who manages the North America OEM sales team.

Kevin, could you start by telling us a bit more about your role?

Sure, my team and I are responsible for managing around 400 install based accounts, as well as growing relationships with new OEM customers. My favorite part of the job is learning about all the new technologies that we enable, and using those learnings to help solve customers’ problems.

Could you tell us about a highlight from your time with HPE?

I just celebrated my 25th anniversary with HPE, and ten of those years have been with HPE OEM Solutions, so there’s been a lot that I’ve enjoyed in that time! One thing that stands out though is actually a time we lost out on a great opportunity. It might sound strange to class that as a highlight—it was actually one of my toughest losses ever—but it really demonstrated the power, professionalism and can-do attitude of the OEM team, which I’m so proud of.

In competing for a $35M annual run-rate opportunity with a product we’d never sold, the team came together, designed, managed, and produced a server platform that truly captured the attention of the customer. The level of work and detail to the program was unbelievable. The quality of the individuals involved from senior leadership to product engineering was a thing of beauty. Never had I seen a project managed so well. HPE was truly viewed in a whole new light within the customer ranks. We made their selection process very difficult, and blew them away with our professionalism, and response. At the end of the day there were circumstances outside of our control that led to the CEO deciding to go in a different direction, but we forged a relationship that led to other long-term business.

How do you like to spend your downtime?

Outside! I serve on the board of an outdoor adventure organization where we get people back to the great outdoors, unplugged from the busy lives we lead, and building community.

Sounds lovely! And is there anything you’re looking forward to doing more of as restrictions start to lift?

You know, I thought I would never say this, but travelling. I miss being in front of customers, building relationship, winning deals, and providing value.

Where’s the top of your destination wish list then?

Oh, there are so many places to consider...personally, I would like to get back to Nepal for another mountain adventure, but business-wise it would be California as we have a number of exciting opportunities in the pipeline there.

What are the key opportunities facing OEMs at the moment, in your opinion?

The market is radically changing. Data is the new currency and OEMs need to be able to deliver ways to help customers monetize the value of that data.

Security is ever important, not only in the data centers, but in the world we live in. It’s essential in helping protect our citizens and their freedoms.

Of course, healthcare remains ever so important as well. There are diseases still with no cures and viruses on the rise. OEMs have the opportunity to accelerate change in these areas with new tools for research and treatments.

Lastly, more and more data is being created at the edge, outside of traditional data centers, so OEMs have the opportunity to develop their products and solutions to be more edge-centric.

Helping customers in these areas is why I love how HPE, and better yet HPE OEM Solutions, is truly working on advancing the way people live and work.

What about challenges?

The exponential growth of data and keeping that data secure represents a huge challenge, as well as an opportunity. Secondly, the advent and growth of the cloud have put pressure on our OEMs to “clouditize” their workloads in a secure and performance-optimized manner. Of course, customers are consuming IT in a different manner now due to the economics of the cloud so our OEMs need to think about how best to meet the needs of an opex-focused delivery model.

And what is HPE OEM Solutions focusing on as top priorities for 2021?

We need to make the pivot to the as-a-service model/opex offerings. Be it HPE GreenLake or with HPE Financial Services financing options, we’re seeing the industry and customers are turning away from traditional capex models. We need to be able to help our OEMs offer this route to market approach.

I don’t hear our competitors in the OEM space talking about this. We have the opportunity to be market leaders and be a thought leader for our OEMs. Also, we need to further refine our V-OEM program as more and more traditional OEMs look to decouple the hardware elements from their solutions. Operationally improving the V-OEM program will help us and our OEMs keep the compute elements from being completely disaggregated so customers buy whatever hardware they want, as this can place more burden on the OEM to make things work right.

Can you talk us through a particularly exciting project or use case you’ve seen recently?

I can think of a couple of cool and interesting solutions (still to be monetized) that speak to the change in computing environment and the growth of edge computing.

One is an OEM that is revolutionizing the dairy industry by helping dairy farmers become more profitable, while safeguarding animal welfare. They provide a variety of products that require compute to automate the process of milking cows and goats, better controls of the sanitization process, and enhancing the overall cooling process of the product. Each step relies on valuable data collected by edge devices for the dairy farmers to make vital decisions in real-time that could affect the end product: the milk we drink.

The other is an OEM that is delivering a completely automated video service to capture high school sporting events. Parents can view high-quality live or recorded events that their child participates in from their homes. During COVID this has helped high school athletes get back to competing in a safe and healthy environment while allowing parents to support them and watch safely at home. This solution is completely automated remotely so no need for someone operating a video camera at the actual event.

What excites you about the solutions and service HPE OEM Solutions offers?

Really, it’s about the people! Yes, we are the industry leader in servers, storage, and networking, but that just gets you in the door. It’s the passion of the people in this organization to solve problems and look for creative ways to get things done. HPE OEM is like the dog with the bone…we won’t let go until it’s finished and clean. Over my 25 years I have worked with some great people and organizations, but the passion of this team far outshines all others. There truly is a vibe, and I think our OEM customers feel that.

And finally, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Enough can’t be said about the power of social media. Social media really allows us to get our messages out to our prospective audiences. Be it videos, blogs, industry posts, company POVs, upcoming shows we may participate in such as HPE Discover, the opportunities are endless to get our messages across. For example, the things we’ve done around our I-OEM and WeOEM content speak to the differences HPE is trying to make in the world and mark us out as a leader. It seems to be working as a recent comment to a video I posted on LinkedIn was “Hi Kevin, I like what you and the team are doing in our OEM space.” So the message is post/repost things to your social media channels. You may not think much of it, but it does make a difference.

Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-freymeyer-6aa3251/  

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