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Meet your HPE OEM Solutions team: Andy Vasey


Next in our ‘meet the team’ series, we’re getting to know Andy Vasey, Head of EMEA OEM Business Development for HPE OEM Solutions.

Andy, let’s start with your role – what’s your favourite thing about it?

I’ve always been a customer-centric person and like nothing more than meeting with customers and helping them realize their ambitions. When I started with HPE I had the opportunity to own and manage key OEM accounts throughout EMEA and worldwide. This gave me the opportunity to work with several cultures in disparate settings, orchestrating internal and external resources to make our customers’ dreams become reality. As Head of OEM EMEA Business Development, I am less hands-on now and thrive on empowering my team to develop the next big thing for our OEM customers.

You’ve been with HPE for seven years – is there a highlight that stands out from your time on the team?

The highlight of my career was in 2017 when I was given the opportunity to lead the sales team and engagement in a net-new OEM opportunity with Konica Minolta (KM). Partnering with the OEM GBU, we built a multi-disciplined team at all levels of the organization to pursue and ultimately win the business of a fully customized HPE OEM hardware platform integrated into a KM solution, and set to revolutionize the multi-function printing business. Whilst I had previously been involved in many large OEM wins during my career, this engagement proved to be the most complex to date due to the cultural differences and geographical locations of design makers within the customer and also HPE.

What’s your background pre-HPE?

I started life as an auto-electrician and hydraulics engineer for Vauxhall Motors and then British Airways before undertaking an engineering degree in electronic system analysis and design.

My foray into embedded and OEM computing started as a support engineer for Sun Microsystems, followed by smaller, more industry-specific system integration companies. This led to the formation of a limited company, Five-9 Solutions, which offered the design, development and integration of fully custom computing platforms for the broadcast and media industry.

And what keeps you occupied outside of work?

Firstly, my son. At eight years old he’s pretty non-stop and obsessed with any type of sport which includes a ball, primarily football, and he’s a huge fan of Chelsea. I’m also a keen mountain biker to keep myself fit. I ski when I can and ride motorcycles.

As life returns to normal this year, what are you most looking forward to doing?

From a business perspective, I cannot wait to meet face to face with my customers and my team, it’s been such a long time! From a personal perspective, I look forward to a trip to the barber’s, followed by a family meal in a restaurant and then a holiday. Somewhere with sunshine, margaritas and no screens would be ideal.

Sounds perfect! Before you jet off though, what do you think are the big opportunities open to OEMs at the moment?

We have seen huge growth in healthcare, digital imaging and AI. Following the pandemic, and the shift to remote working, we have also seen a heavy focus on VDI solutions and OEMs offering new solutions in this space. HPE’s GreenLake portfolio is a great opportunity for our customers to offer ‘aaS’ solutions that help increase their TAM and diversify their portfolio and customer base.

And on the flipside, what are the challenges to be aware of?

The rate of change the world is currently experiencing is intense. Technology, population growth, economic and environmental challenges are all having an impact. OEMs need to figure out how to fail fast and develop business models that will deliver going forward.

Can you tell us about any new projects or use cases that you’ve seen or been involved in recently?

With a background in media and entertainment, I am constantly amazed by the seamless delivery of content via our home internet connections. In 2005 as a director of a small company we worked with a leading post-production house in London, The Mill, to develop a set-top box that would be capable of delivering 2k video used in the post-production industry for review and approval. Due to bandwidth and capacity limitations, these clips would need to be downloaded before preview whereas now the encoding and delivery platforms coupled with modern-day networks enable 4k images to be streamed in real-time to millions of households, with no errors or delays. Many of the main services offering this, such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, BT, and Disney +, are run by our OEM customers.

And what’s next in terms of priorities for HPE OEM Solutions?

After a challenging year due to the global pandemic, our focus has been on supporting our OEM customers to support their end-users. My team is leading key initiatives around Virtual OEM, HPE GreenLake for OEM, multi-national account orchestration and workload design wins. Supporting our customers to grow in these challenging times will bear fruit as we grow together during the global economic recovery.

Is there anything else that excites you about HPE OEM Solutions’ offering?

With a background in engineering, I was drawn to working for HPE. We are the industry leaders and synonymous with reliability and best-in-class performance. Working for several companies over my career, I can honestly say what sets HPE apart as an OEM partner is our customer-centric attitude and commitment to delivering a solution that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

And are there any last thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

I’d just say that HPE OEM is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our current and future customer base. Not only do we deliver best-in-class hardware solutions, but we support our OEM customers to diversify their own offerings, partnering with them for our mutual benefit. As I mentioned earlier, my team are responsible for driving key initiatives such as V-OEM and HPE GreenLake for OEM on a worldwide basis and I would encourage you to engage them and help them to support your customers with their own aspiration for growth.

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andyvasey/

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