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Meet your HPE OEM Solutions team: Matt Quirk


At HPE OEM Solutions we like to get to know our partners and understand what makes them tick. It’s essential to making sure we’re offering them the best support and insights to help them succeed. So, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves! Over the coming weeks we’ll be catching up with some of our team members to learn more about what they do, why they do it, and how they can help you. We’re starting with Matt Quirk, who leads our Worldwide Channels & Ecosystem Partner Ready for OEM Program.

Matt, tell us a bit more about what your role entails.

I am responsible for ensuring our OEM program is the best it can be. From our go to market strategy, through to our operational capabilities. I’m really lucky as I get to work closely with our customers and partners to make sure we are giving them a delightful experience. Collaborating with them to achieve their vision is really rewarding.

And what did you do before your current role?

Well, I started out in industrial/product design, moving into technical support before I set up my own business. I ultimately sold that and made the leap into sales at a service provider, managing a team of incredibly talented sales professionals. Prior to joining HPE I led the EMEA channel sales business for SanDisk’s commercial flash segment, where HPE was actually one of our customers.

I then joined HPE in 2015, just before we split into two companies, and I haven’t looked back. It’s been a fantastic journey.

What’s been a particular highlight for you?

A few years ago, I presented a pair of HPE OEM branded sneakers to our CEO Antonio Neri at HPE Discover. We were really proud of those sneakers, and he loved his pair. He still talks about them now!


What keeps you busy outside of work?

My family keeps me busy! I have two small children, Theo and Scarlett, and any spare moments I have are filled with requests from them to build something, fix something or play with them. It’s what gives me the most reward outside work.

We’re all looking forward to getting a bit of normalcy back this year. What are you most looking forward to, post-pandemic?

Meeting with our sales teams and our customers, both professionally and outside of work. The lack of face-to-face contact has been one of the biggest challenges for everyone, I think. We are craving that in-person interaction.

And where would be the top destination on your travel wish list?

India. The sheer scale and diversity of the country is fascinating, and I have some family history there. I will have to settle for Disneyland and camping holidays for a little while longer though!

Let’s talk a bit about trends you’re seeing in the industry. What do you think are the key opportunities for OEMs at the moment?

The breakout recovery from the pandemic will wait for no one. Those OEMs who are able to seize this opportunity for accelerated growth early, particularly in the changing landscape of how to consume technology and deliver it, will be the winners.

What about challenges to be aware of?

Probably securing investment in new initiatives. I think that making bold moves is critical for success, but we are all in a fast-paced environment and businesses are assessing many different areas for investment. Getting your innovation to the top of the investment priority list means you have to demonstrate value really fast.

Can you tell us about an inspiring use case or project that HPE OEM Solutions has been involved in recently?

It has to be the work we have done with Lunit. Their artificial intelligence and deep learning solution for early cancer detection is a real force for good. Using HPE’s global footprint, Lunit has been able to scale quickly across the world and this means that their life-changing innovation can help more people. Their mission is to solve cancer with artificial intelligence and I am very proud that we are helping them reach this goal. 

And what are your main focus areas for the coming year?

There are three key areas for me. The first is accelerating our HPE GreenLake (as-a-service) offerings for OEM customers. This will enable them to transition their business to a consumption model for their customers. Then there’s ensuring we have a world-class OEM Partner Program. And finally, bringing our latest innovations to the market quickly so that our OEMs can accelerate their innovation.

What excites you about the HPE OEM Solutions’ offering to the market? What do you think makes it stand out from the competition?

Our 4S ecosystem. This is made up of industry-leading solutions, highly valued service offerings, fast and dedicated support, and finally the specialists – our people. These four in combination enable us to present a very compelling story for our OEMs.

Final question: What else would you like the HPE OEM Solutions community to know about the work that HPE is doing this year to make its OEMs successful?

There is always plenty going on but there are two things I would highlight. The first is Virtual-OEM, a relatively new option for our OEM customers, where they can leverage our channel community to procure, configure and ship OEM-validated HPE hardware to their end-user or installers. This enables our OEMs to redirect the investment associated with hardware procurement to their core IP, and scale faster.

The second has to be HPE GreenLake. What HPE is doing to help customers embrace a hybrid world is transforming the way companies are able to consume IT. And when we bring this ability to OEMs it’s a real game-changer.

Our tagline is “Transform innovation into enduring success” and in these two areas I think we are going to help our OEMs do just that.

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