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As business models evolve and industries look at new ways of consuming services and solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) GreenLake offers your business the flexibility to scale up and down as needed. In this blog, we will discuss our Discover session on delivering HPE OEM Initiatives as a Service and why HPE GreenLake is the new consumption-based IT model that marks a paradigm shift in the way IT operates. This insightful & informative on-demand session at HPE Discover Virtual Experience was hosted by Matt Quirk, the HPE Head of Worldwide OEM Program, and in case you didn't watch it yet, the good news is that you can still access it anytime via FREE registration.

In this session, Matt discussed how HPE deliver Cloud experience everywhere for its customers. He also explained the benefits of GreenLake and how HPE delivers the Greenlake experience. HPE GreenLake is a new consumption-based IT model that marks a paradigm shift in the way IT operates, focusing on outcome-based consumption. Best of all, it delivers the best of both public cloud and on-premises IT so, you don’t have to compromise. It provides an accelerated delivery experience for partners, and their customers, enabling the former to quickly respond to customer demand with streamlined delivery.

The cloud experience has shaped what business leaders expect of IT. With a pay-per-use model, no capital needed upfront, and no overprovisioning of infrastructure, HPE GreenLake customers can now achieve new levels of speed and innovation with cloud services. The session explains that Greenlake can enable business agility and expertise to help you with routine tasks, which means your staffs can free up for more important business initiatives.

The session was great as Matt helped us gain a keen understanding of HPE Greenlake and how it helps manage, operate and optimize infrastructure in addition to apps and workloads in specialized environments. To learn more, login to HPE Discover Virtual Experience now and catch this OEM session on-demand.

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