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Netka System partnered with HPE OEM to meet customer-specific IT requirements


Netka System has recently partnered with HPE OEM to meet a wide range of customer sizing requirements and accelerate customer-specific solution deployments. As an HPE OEM partner, Netka can now build intelligent IT operation management appliances on custom-configured HPE Gen10 servers, while also leveraging the OEM partnership to expand business opportunities globally.

This collaboration will enable Netka to accelerate the implementation of time for customers and assure them of responsive hardware support from HPE. “We wanted to deliver an appliance with everything pre-installed so a customer can just open the box, power on, and begin using our solution,” said Charnchai Jiamchoatpattanakul, Founder and President, Netka System. “That’s why we looked for an OEM partner and found HPE best met our needs. Through the HPE OEM program we have access to a wide range of servers that we can easily customize to meet each customer’s sizing requirements and accelerate implementation”, he added.

With the help of HPE OEM program, Netka System acquires HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 and HPE ProLiant DL360 and DL380 Gen10 servers. This provides an ideal platform to run the company’s NetkaView Network Manager at small and medium businesses with 500 or fewer nodes, while the HPE ProLiant DL360 and DL380 servers can support Netka System customers with up to 10,000 nodes. According to Mr. Jiamchoatpattanakul, one of the biggest advantages of the OEM program is the ability to customize the server bezel, which is unique compared to the other hardware vendors and helps build the Netka System brand. "Another major advantage is the logistics HPE OEM provides to help us deliver solutions into the countries where we do business. We also value the longer warranty period and global hardware support from HPE OEM, which allows our customers to invest in our solutions with confidence”, Mr. Jiamchoatpattanakul stated.

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