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New HPE IoT Gateways Extend Smart System Performance and Economics

Increased Intelligence and Compute Processing at the Network Edge

The Internet of Things introduces unprecedented scalability and performance challenges for OEM solution architects.  Vast numbers of networked devices—sensors, smartphones, tablets, wearables, autonomous machines—will generate massive volumes of data.  Smart systems must efficiently gather and process that data—extremely quickly and reliably.

HPE believes the best way to achieve massive scalability is by implementing a distributed IoT architecture that pushes data processing and control functions to the edge of the network.  To that end, we’ve introduced a series of special-purpose IoT edge gateways.  The new HPE Edgeline IoT Systems are specifically designed to improve smart system performance and scalability by aggregating, processing and analyzing IoT data at the network edge.

Delivering compute at the edge of the IoT network with these new platforms delivers a number of benefits for OEMs and their customers including:

  • Improving the performance and scalability of IoT systems by offloading data collection and processing functions from centralized applications
  • Containing network costs by reducing IoT backhaul traffic across WAN links
  • Extending the resiliency and security of IoT implementations by distributing intelligence across the network
  • Enabling simpler, lower-cost IoT devices by shifting endpoint processor, memory and storage requirements to the edge servers

Available in ruggedized, mobile and rack-mounted versions, the new HPE IoT gateway platforms have been certified to work with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and will run Windows 10 IoT, addressing a wide variety of OEM applications.

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