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New HPE StoreEver Archive Manager & Archive Migrator Solutions Reduce Data Storage & Retention Costs

Every OEM solution requires effective data storage, backup and recovery mechanisms.  Many OEM solutions—healthcare, video surveillance, financial services applications—require efficient data archiving capabilities as well.  By law, some businesses must retain customer records and transactional data for as long as seven years.  But many organizations are constrained by ineffective data archival solutions that squander expensive tier-1 storage capacity and impair recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPOs/RTOs).

Fortunately help is on the way. HPE announced several new products at the recent HPE Discover event in Las Vegas that can help you store and retain data more efficiently and cost-effectively.  HPE StoreEver Archive Manager and HPE StoreEver Archive Migrator can help your customers reduce TCO and risks, while helping you gain a competitive edge.


Combining the Accessibility of Flash with the Economics and Long-Term Retention of Tape

Did you know that 80% of data is rarely or never accessed after 90 days of creation?  Yet it still has to be retained and made readily available over an extended period of time. HPE StoreEver Archive Manager and HPE StoreEver Archive Migrator work in concert to intelligently move data from high-performance tier 1 production storage like flash to cost-effective LTO tape for ultimate efficiency and cost savings.

Here’s how it works. HPE StoreEver Archive Manager presents HPE StoreEver tape libraries as a standard network share or mount-point using Windows or Linux file-sharing protocols. Users can easily save, search, and retrieve data directly from the HPE StoreEver archive. HPE StoreEver Archive Migrator automatically identifies and moves inactive data from primary storage to the StoreEver Archive based on administratively defined policies.  The integrated solution combines the performance benefits of flash with the economic advantages and long-term retention features of tape.   It also improves RPOs and RTOs by enabling smaller backups and restores.  Customers benefit from an effective archive workflow that makes data more accessible for a longer period, while reducing storage and backup expenses.  And the differentiated capabilities help you stand out from the competition.

Reduce your customer’s TCO and risks, while improving your competitive advantageReduce your customer’s TCO and risks, while improving your competitive advantage

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