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New MSA 2042 Entry-Level Storage Array Accelerates App Performance

The new HPE MSA 2042 Storage system is the perfect choice for OEMs delivering data-intensive solutions for small site deployment.  Ideal for accelerating the performance of databases and other data-hungry apps, the MSA 2042 with built-in flash delivers up to a 60 percent increase in database transactions per second and 80 percent faster application response times compared to the MSA 2040. 

The newest member of HPE’s market-leading SAN portfolio combines enterprise-class performance and resiliency features with entry-level simplicity and economics.  The hybrid-flash array satisfies stringent price points for smaller sites, providing 800 GB of SSD capacity and a comprehensive software suite, for a starting street price of under $10K USD.

MSA 2042 Combines Enterprise Capabilities with SMB Simplicity and EconomicsMSA 2042 Combines Enterprise Capabilities with SMB Simplicity and Economics


Built-In Enterprise-Class Performance and Resiliency

The MSA 2042’s all-inclusive software suite includes advanced data optimization and protection capabilities typically associated with enterprise storage solutions including:

  • Automated Tiering: the MSA 2042 intelligently optimizes economics and application performance by dynamically moving frequently used data to flash and less-used data to lower-cost media tiers.
  • SSD Read Cache: built-in flash storage can be used as read cache memory to boost the performance of “bursty” applications.
  • Data Protection: the MSA 2042 includes advanced snapshot, volume copy and remote replication capabilities to simplify and accelerate data backup and disaster recovery functions, reducing risks.
  • Disk Optimization: advanced thin provisioning and virtualized storage pooling features make optimal use of storage capacity lowering your customers’ TCO.


Small and Midsized Simplicity and Economics

The MSA 2042 is specifically designed to satisfy unique price points and manageability requirements for smaller sites.  Key advantages include:

  • Easy Administration: the MSA 2042 includes an embedded web-based administrative interface designed for IT generalists and server administrators.
  • Set-and-Forget Simplicity: the system includes 512 out-of-the box snapshots for instant disaster recovery as well as easy set-up for advanced features like automated tiering.
  • Extensibility: With support for up to seven small form factor (SFF) or large form factor (LFF) expansion enclosures, the MSA 2042 cost-effectively scales to meet evolving capacity demands.

To learn more about how the HPE MSA 2042 can help you improve the price-performance your data-intensive small site applications, check out the HPE MSA 2042 data sheet or contact your HPE sales representative.


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