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OEM in Vertical Markets: Creating the Solutions for Tomorrow, Today

When the market is unpredictable, partnering with an expert reduces cost and complexity in getting products to market faster. Trends like Big Data, the Internet of Things, social media, mobility and the consumerization of devices create a need for access to data anytime and from anywhere. Systems and devices are expected to collect and analyze data in real time and do both securely.

Getting an industry-specific solution to market requires the skillful manipulation of time, money and resources to produce the most competitive solution, as quickly as possible while maximizing revenue. Building innovative hardware-based solutions is what OEMs do every day. To run those solutions requires high-quality, stable and well-engineered technology to meet specific needs of customers.

HPE OEM Solutions help customers in key vertical markets to accelerate time to market with their intellectual property (IP) and customizable Tier-1 OEM technologies developed by a dedicated team of experts. With a holistic approach to designing, developing and delivering HPE powered technologies, HPE OEM Solutions offers a full range of global capabilities and branding services to help bring OEM products to market—from design to lifecycle management and everything in between.

The HPE OEM Program understands the unique needs of customers as an OEM, such as advanced notification of lifecycle events, product customization, and third-party integration. With a broad portfolio of products and services and the largest support-partner network in the industry, HPE OEM is the partner of choice to strengthen your competitive advantage in vertical markets.


The HPE OEM Solutions that Matter


In healthcare, there's a tremendous opportunity to automate the collection of information and the quality of patient care. The HPE OEM program leverages enterprise intelligence on the Internet of Things and hybrid cloud infrastructure to do that in an automated and accountable fashion. From the lab to the clinic to the operating room, healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) customers require innovative technology that few OEMs deliver.  HPE OEM has the broadest product and services portfolio plus the expertise to help sell and support healthcare solutions globally, especially in growing market segments like Picture Archiving & Communication Systems (PACS), Hospital Information Systems (HIS), and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).


Challenges faced By Healthcare OEMs

  • Medical image, genome, and patient data solutions require high-performance yet low-cost systems
  • Reduce operational investment to manage multiple suppliers and test new or upgraded components


How the HPE program can help

HPE ProLiant SL are the first hyper-scale servers purpose-built for Big Data workloads like genome sequencing, 3-D/4-D visualization, and computer-aided detection. Support any range of medical solutions from EMR systems with price and performance leader HPE P2000 MSA, to large imaging solutions with HPE StoreAll for 16PB in a single namespace.



Many organizations across various sectors utilize big data analytics to enhance real-time and strategic decision-making. However, there are two specific aspects of the manufacturing industry that make big data analytics a perfect fit for it.

First, the growing market pressures, such as global rivalry, regulations, slender margins, and quickened design cycles, compelling manufacturers to make quick data-driven decisions. Secondly, owing to rapid digitization, more data is being generated via systems, equipment, automation, and products. Thus, manufacturers are adopting big data analytics to gather valuable insights that simplify and streamline the decision-making process in the industry.


Challenges faced By Manufacturing OEMs

  • Frequent component changes cause extra pre-stock and complex sourcing
  • Need global technical support
  • Meet your customers' efficiency goals for faster, smaller, better, cheaper


How the HPE OEM program can help

HPE OEM's energy-efficient converged systems enhance product stability with long-life components & support globally. HPE Insight Online sends pre-failure alerts to maintain product uptime in the field. HPE OEM helps future-proof and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your equipment and technology solutions that power customers. New markets and opportunities continue to expand for OEMs as organizations look for ways to quickly implement proven solutions. Often, rather than spending resources on innovation, OEMs spend too much time on the integration of IT components from different vendors. HPE OEM offers integrated solutions that eliminate the need for integration testing and reduces the time for certification testing.



HPE helps build and globally support studio solutions that create and serve up high-definition content without overloading broadcast network data centers.


Challenges Faced by Broadcasting OEMs

  • Move to HD causes 3x growth in file size
  • Need more powerful yet cheaper, smaller, and more energy-efficient solutions to fit network data centers
  • Multi-vendor management prevents agility


How the HPE OEM program can help

HPE OEM helps keep your studio solutions running anywhere. Insight Online proactively resolves issues remotely. Serve up high-value, large file size video content on a massively scalable HPE StoreAll up to 16PB. Perform ultra-fast search and value extraction at petabyte scale. Integrate products with converged infrastructure solutions like HPE BladeSystem to save space, power, and cooling in cramped studios.



Ensure predictable performance with HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers and proactive remote support. HPE Hyperscale SL systems serve up extreme graphics and data faster than ever.


Challenges faced By Gaming and Hospitality OEMs

  • Maintain platform stability and reliability across installed, revenue-generating solutions
  • Moving to video and IP-based
  • Quickly incorporate standard, Tier-1 components to reduce development cycles
  • Use real-time data analysis to enhance the customer experience


How the HPE OEM program can help

HPE has converged infrastructure reference architectures for real-time data aggregation so that products better serve offers to enhance customer experience. HPE wireless components support the high-density, high-bandwidth requirements for your high-definition video and rich media communication products.  Gen10 servers power-up in minutes and send pre-failure alerts through HPE Insight Online to prevent downtime and keep guests playing and paying.



Improve the safety IP-based solutions provide when built on industry-standard servers, storage, networking, and client devices. With HPE OEM solutions, partners build a customized solution that meets the performance, availability, and scalability needs of each customer at the price that’s right for their business.


Challenges faced By Security and Surveillance OEMs

  • Conversion from analog to IP-based systems
  • Solutions must easily integrate into existing data center technologies
  • Extending solutions to leverage web/cloud-based services


How the HPE OEM program can help

Broadest storage options across NAS, DAS, and SAN to support capture, archive, and retrieval of any security access or image data. Lower the costs of building it on fewer, more powerful HPE servers and storage systems. Low latency switches like the HPE 5900 accelerates authentication and authorization transactions.



Partnering with HPE OEM can steer toward product designs that meet the strict requirements of Telcos as they move to network virtualization. Get the benefit of HPE’s 16 years of NEBS-certified platforms, deep Telco relationships, and leadership for converged infrastructure.


Challenges faced By OEMs

  • Telcos moving from legacy infrastructure to open standards, virtualized, and consolidated platforms
  • NEPs must align their products with Telcos' tech shift and meet demands for long-life, faster, cheaper - supported globally


How the HPE OEM program can help

Largest NEBS Level-3 portfolio of servers, storage, and networking, from blades to racks, optimized for telecom networks. HPE OEM ProLiant servers specifically designed for the performance and energy consumption of high-density carrier environments. HPE is leading the integration of commercial off-the-shelf IT equipment into the Telco environment including blade-based switches and OpenFlow enabled switches.


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