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Optimizing video surveillance solutions with HPE solutions platform


With seemingly limitless options available for how we deploy technology, there’s been an equally developing trend towards defining boundaries, concentrating focus, and building solutions that do just one thing really well. It’s something surveillance leaders at VENZO Secure think about a lot. In the field of video surveillance, simplicity and reliability are tantamount to success. It’s why the technology innovator builds turnkey appliances for its network of partners in the security industry. To perform this role in an ever‑evolving security industry, VENZO Secure relies on hardware solutions from HPE OEM.  Venzo Secure follows strict guidelines created in close cooperation with HPE and software provider, Milestone Systems, to enable smooth implementations of reliable, high-performance video security solutions.

Venzo Secure tested and selected HPE ProLiant and Apollo servers as the platforms for the new solution. According to Adrian Adolfsson, Cofounder and COO of Venzo Secure, “I previously worked with Milestone Systems software and realized that Milestone partners needed assistance designing integrated solutions that bundled Milestone software with server platforms tailored to the needs of each installation". “We partnered with HPE and Milestone to enable the Milestone channel to deliver customized video surveillance solutions that are carefully tuned for each implementation”, he further added.

By becoming an HPE OEM partner, Venzo Secure has quickly positioned itself as a full-service  provider  of  integrated  video surveillance solutions to Milestone Partners. The company has leveraged the brand value of HPE servers and the power of Milestone XProtect software to support complex surveillance deployments worldwide. All solutions provided by Venzo Secure are covered by HPE Foundation Care contracts so partners can ensure service level agreements globally. This allows Milestone partners to leverage both HPE technologies and services to close deals with end customers.

Another key feature of VENZO Secure’s relationship with HPE OEM is the fulfilment and support part of the equation. HPE OEM allows Venzo to ship their solutions around the globe, where their partners get access to local, 24/7 support from HPE. No matter what the future brings, VENZO Secure sees its partnership with HPE OEM as a critical part of its business model. “HPE OEM has been a fantastic partner for us because we never have to worry about the quality of the hardware or the availability of support", Adolfsson further explains.

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