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Putting IoT Into Action: Insights from IoT Leaders Around the Globe


HPE Discover 2017 Madrid in November was huge. Huge in participants (over 10,000+) and massive in insights, changes, direction, for the digital transformation of business and private lives.

From potato chips to spaceships, IoT is delivering innovation and efficiency to the world around and above us. The next frontier for IoT creates actions where the data generates the Intelligent Edge. Dr. Tom Bradicich at Discover shared how HPE is putting IoT into action by combining the power of secure connectivity, control and compute at the edge.

Organizations use edge computing to create smarter buildings, cities, workspaces, retail experiences, factory floors, and more. The Intelligent Edge can yield more profound insights faster to transform your business. The term "Intelligent Edge" is used in many ways, but perhaps the best way to think of it is a place. The edge is where the action is. It is a manufacturing floor, building, a campus, a city, a house, a crop field, a wind farm, a power plant, an oil rig, a telecommunications outpost, a sports arena, a battlefield, in a car, in the sky, or under the sea. It is everywhere everything is, and it is where the "things" are on the Internet of Things (IoT). The edge is "intelligent" because now there's technology in these places that are smart, connected, computational, and controlling.


The 3 Cs of the Intelligent Edge

The usefulness of the Intelligent Edge is revealed when we unpack the three Cs:  

  • Connect: When devices, people, or things connect via networks, it facilitates data exchanges that promote new sources and quantities of data. 
  • Compute: Analyze data from the edge to reveal new business, engineering, or scientific insights. Systems can then compute this data, provide access to applications, and reveal deep insights concerning the connected things, devices, and the surrounding environment. 
  • Control: Configure, actuate, or orchestrate the things and equipment at the edge. These computed insights can then be used to take action, control the devices and things at the edge, or prompt other types of control actions associated with the business or enterprise to which the edge is connected.


IoT in action: Real-world deployments

Is IoT about the promise, transformation, or results? Four distinguished leaders answered this question at HPE Discover by highlighting their success in the petrochemical, life sciences, industrial, and manufacturing industries. They shared how they have "Put IoT into Action" by creating insights from newly-tapped data. Learn best practices and how to avoid the pitfalls when you implement IoT. Christian Renaud, IoT Research Director at 451 Research, moderated this session and injected his experiences into this dynamic session. Panelists shared their latest learnings on essential strategies, business models, and platforms for a successful transformation in their enterprises. The panelists of the session included:

  1. Doug Smith, CEO, Texmark Chemicals
  2. Christian Mastrodonato, Chief Technologist, KONICA MINOLTA Inc.
  3. Ciaran Flanagan, Group Vice President, Head of Datacenter Segment, ABB
  4. Bjoern Bartheidel, Head of Manufacturing IT & IoT, Freudenberg IT
  5. Tom Bradicich, Vice President, and General Manager, Servers, Converged Edge, & IoT Systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  6. Christian Renaud, Research Director, Internet of Things, 451 Research

See the video below– Spotlight session hosted by Dr. Tom Bradicich featuring Christian Mastrodonato from KONICA MINOLTA, who was an OEM interviewee in the VIP studio and featured in an OEM Breakout Session.

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