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Recap: HPE GreenLake Launch, Discover 2017 Madrid

IT teams are under more pressure than ever to deliver solutions fast while minimizing company risk and cost. There’s much talk about the public cloud vs on-premises IT and the pros and cons of each. As a result, many businesses have turned to Hybrid IT to reap the benefits of both worlds. A fundamental tradeoff of Hybrid IT, however, is that it is not easy to manage. It is a well-known fact that the majority of IT resources are still devoted to day-to-day operations, leaving little room for innovation. What can be done to alleviate the operational burden on IT? HPE GreenLake—introducing outcome-based IT consumption model that marks a paradigm shift in the way HPE operates IT. It focuses on outcome-based consumption, while radically simplifying IT and freeing up resources. Best of all, it does deliver the best of both public cloud and on-premises IT—so you do not have to compromise.

At Discover 2017 Madrid, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) launched HPE GreenLake —a new suite of pay-per-use solutions for customer’s top workloads. HPE also updated industry-leading HPE Flexible Capacity offer to make it simpler, more modular, and rebranded under HPE GreenLake. The company now has the industry’s most influential family of consumption offerings spanning infrastructure and specific workload outcomes. These offerings include big data, backup, open database, SAP HANA, and edge computing. These solutions maximize sales opportunities by offering a new and different way for customers to consume IT.

Here’s how HPE GreenLake revolutionizes the sales experience:

  • New offers: Sell outcomes with new offers, including HPE GreenLake Backup, HPE GreenLake Big Data with Hadoop, HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA, HPE GreenLake Open Database with EDB Postgres, and HPE GreenLake Edge Compute.
  • Easier to sell: HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is now more modular—pre-packaged and priced for 13 infrastructure choices, including Blades, Synergy, and 3 types of storage.
  • Better compensation: 1.5X quota accelerator in FY18 and 3-year upfront credit on the consumption as a service product line.
  • One consumption brand: Leverage the new consumption branding to open more opportunities with HPE GreenLake delivered by HPE Pointnext.


"HPE GreenLake offers an experience that is the best of both worlds -- a simple, pay-per-use technology model with the risk management of data that's under the customer's direct control," said Ana Pinczuk, senior vice president and general manager of HPE Pointnext, in a session at Discover 2017 Madrid.

Pinczuk presented the solutions as the next step in consumption after GreenLake Flex Capacity, HPE's existing offering of on-premises infrastructure that is on an as-used basis. The GreenLake Flex Capacity offering is also being expanded, according to the announcements, to include more technology choices, including Microsoft Azure Stack, HPE SimpliVity or high-performance computing (HPC). Here is how HPE describes its five new outcome-based GreenLake solutions:

  • HPE GreenLake Big Data offers a Hadoop data lake, pre-integrated and tested on the latest HPE technology and Hortonworks or Cloudera software.  
  • HPE GreenLake Backup delivers on-premises backup capacity using Commvault software pre-integrated on the latest HPE technology with HPE metering technology and management services to run it.
  • HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres delivers on-premises and built on open source technology to help simplify operations and substantially reduce total cost of ownership for a customer's entire database platform.
  • HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA offers an on-premises appliance operated by HPE with the right-sized, SAP-certified hardware, operating system, and services to meet workload performance and availability objectives.
  • HPE GreenLake Edge Compute offers an end-to-end lifecycle framework to accelerate a customer's Internet of Things (IoT) journey.


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