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Redefine Service Agility with Synergy-Fully Composable Infrastructure

Delivering OEM solutions for service providers or content providers? Then you know today’s on-demand applications and elastic services require highly adaptable and programmable IT infrastructure.  HPE has been helping partners and customers build more agile, efficient and intelligent IT systems for years with innovations like Converged Infrastructure, software-defined networking and network functions virtualization. 

We recently announced the next step in our architectural journey with the unveiling of a new framework we call Composable Infrastructure.  This transformative approach allows IT resources to be provisioned as needed, in real-time, to support dynamic workloads and satisfy evolving business demands.  Think of it as infrastructure as code. It is ideal for OEMs serving the telecommunications, service provider and entertainment sectors where economics, service agility and time-to-value are paramount.

Conceived to eliminate the equipment overhead and operational inefficiencies of conventional siloed IT architectures, HPE Composable Infrastructure is designed around three core principles:

  • Fluid resource pools – compute, storage and fabric networking resources dynamically adapt to changing workloads.
  • Software-defined intelligence –the entire system is managed in a cohesive fashion from a single administrative interface; infrastructure is automatically discovered and assembled as needed.
  • Unified API – an abstract, common application programming interface streamlines automation, accelerating the pace of innovation and service velocity.

Introducing Synergy-Fully Composable Infrastructure

HPE Synergy is a new technology platform built from the ground up with Composable Infrastructure in mind.  It takes hyper-convergence to the next level. With Synergy, compute, storage and fabric are now always available as unified pools of resources that can be instantly configured according to the specific needs of each application.  Through a single interface, Synergy composes physical and virtual resources into any configuration for any application—at near-instant speeds.

If your customers include CSPs, content providers or XaaS providers, Synergy can help them:

  • Eliminate equipment and operations expense and complexity and accelerate time-to-market by consolidating infrastructure and streamlining operations.
  • Enable rapid, automated provisioning of compute and storage capacity to support on-demand applications, dynamic workloads and elastic services.
  • Avoid overprovisioning, and implement pay-as-you-grow financial models that minimize upfront investments and closely align expenses with business demands.
  • Meet strict availability requirements and SLAs for business-critical applications and services.


Next steps

Synergy-Fully Composable Infrastructure can help you boost sales and gain a competitive edge.  Visit HPE.com to get up to speed on Composable Infrastructure and Synergy.  Start with the following resources:

Contact your HPE OEM account manager for additional details and for information on product availability.


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