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Redefining the Edge: Here’s how HPE OEM Solutions powers the Edge

Edge computing is the next big thing in the data management world. It brings an array of vast new opportunities and approaches to various businesses. The Edge is where new sources of data are created and acted on, and at HPE, we redefine the edge by bringing enterprise-class compute to the edge, by attaching natively to operational technology, networks and data feed - all this done easily with world-class manageability.

From automotive to energy production, utilities and transportation, HPE builds systems that are appropriate for tons of applications at the edge. With HPE creating an incredible portfolio of industry-standard solutions, OEM brings a great opportunity for customers to take advantage of its entire value chain inside HPE. "The HPE OEM group specializes in working on problems our customers have at the edge of the network, outside the data setup. As we've built that expertise overtime, we've become proficient in what it takes to adapt servers and storage and networking technology to the edge of the network. The engineering skills that we have built within the OEM group over the years uniquely positions us to bring this to our customers", said Rod Anliker, Chief Technologist, Worldwide OEM Group, HPE.

HPE OEM Solutions, with decades of experience, enables innovative businesses to harness the incredible power of the industry’s most transformative technology by tailoring these standard solutions as per OEM customers’ requirements. There are three types of OEM customers that HPE serves and our definition is primarily based upon how our HPE technology is being utilized within their particular solution:


  • Embedded: We have many customers that embed or encapsulate our technology into their offerings. The HPE technology is completely hidden within the OEM’s branded product. We’ve put many programs in place and ensured that our technology is efficiently executed within our OEM customer’s design and can be efficiently serviced in the field.


  • Integrated: We work with customers who “integrate” their solutions onto our hardware. Our technology becomes the platform for an appliance or a vertically integrated solution loaded with our customers’ intellectual property, creating a turnkey solution. 


  • Private Label: There are certain geographies around the world where we private label portions of our HPE portfolio. Rebranding of our product is a large part of these relationships, but we can extend rebranding capabilities to our embedded and integrated partners as well.

HPE doesn't just redefine the edge but also shapes it. "At HPE, we are uniquely positioned to be able to deliver on the Edge Compute story. To us, it’s much more than a buzzword. To HPE, it’s a new market that we can enable our OEM customers to build remarkably innovative solutions", Anliker further added.


To learn more about how HPE OEM Solutions powers the Intelligent Edge, watch the video below:


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