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SDN Unleashes Networking Innovation


In case you missed the news, HP recently unveiled the industry’s first enterprise-grade SDN app store. SDN or software-defined networking is a new architecture that makes it possible for the first time to make the network responsive to the business application. SDN enables highly adaptable and programmable networks that are ideally suited for a variety of applications including cloud-based applications and on-demand services. If your solutions demand dynamic connectivity to support bursting, streaming media, analytics, or complex graphics processing, SDN can help you improve customer satisfaction while lowering costs.

With SDN, the behavior of the network is no longer defined by 20-year-old network protocols. Instead the network can be programmed to dynamically adjust to the needs of your customers’ applications.   The applications and the network can work in concert, without the need for complex manual configurations or vendor-specific customization.

Many HP OEMs rely on applications that have distinct requirements on the network, yet currently view the network as a black box. Software-defined networking provides a standards-based approach to allow applications to inform the network of how it should treat traffic flows.

SDN enables automation by introducing a tiered architecture with distinct infrastructure, control, and application layers, and uniform standards-based programming interfaces. Rather than configuring individual network devices using cryptic command line interfaces, developers use high level Web services APIs to create applications that can control switches from any vendor that supports the OpenFlow standard.

With SDN your application developers can create innovative applications that drive the network – quickly and easily.


HP SDN Innovations Boost Your Bottom Line

As an HP OEM, software-defined networking can help you accelerate time-to-market, eliminate cost and complexity, and stand out from the competition. HP offers a software-based SDN controller as well as 60+ SDN-ready switches, routers, and wireless solutions.  You can roll out new solutions that support a wide range of both HP and other vendor’s OpenFlow compliant network devices–quickly and cost-effectively. And down the road you can add support for new network devices without having to rewrite your applications. Better still, SDN makes it easier for you and your customers to deploy, configure, and administer your solutions.

Join the Leading SDN Ecosystem

When you OEM HP networking solutions you become part of the industry’s largest SDN ecosystem:

  • HP has had more than 3,000 downloads of its SDN controller
  • HP has had more than 5,000 downloads of its SDN software development kit
  • Over 30 companies have joined the HP SDN ecosystem

Your customers will gain instant access to value-added applications that enhance the security, performance, and operation of their networks and differentiate your solutions.

The HP SDN App Store unleashes a new wave of innovation for you and your customers. The on-line marketplace provides a convenient way for you to evaluate and purchase validated SDN applications that enhance and extend your solutions. Sourcing from the HP SDN App Store gives your customers confidence in this new technology, while it helps you monetize the business value of SDN and gain a leg up on the competition.


Learn more

To learn more about how HP SDN innovations can help you accelerate time-to-market and gain a competitive edge

>> For more information visit HP Networking’s SDN information center

>> To see the range of SDN applications available today, visit the HP SDN App Store

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