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STAN Systems achieves speedy & powerful edge computing with HPE OEM Solutions

Today, high-load computing in a variety of edge environments has led to business expansions in the overseas. However, the challenge has been to find a solution that could process, analyze, and control data entirely using edge computing. Thanks to the new partnership between Japan’s STAN Systems and HPE that has helped the former to harness the power of the edge, thereby enabling real‑time data acquisition and analysis. STAN Systems uses the HPE Edgeline GL20 IoT Gateway to collect, analyze, and share data in the edge. Now an HPE OEM partner, STAN Systems has plans to apply this solution to other areas and to contribute to industrial development in Tokushima.

STAN Systems needed a system that would cope with rapid data acquisition using the edge, which is suitable for an industrial environment. The solution needed to be highly cost-effective and easy for most corporations and groups to implement and any device had to be installed quickly and instantly available for use. The problem was that traditional edge computing would not generally fulfill these criteria. With HPE Edgeline GL series Gateway, Stan Systems witnessed a dramatic improvement in data processing performance at the edge.

The compact and durable GL20 is optimal for industrial environments, regardless of where it is installed. According to Atsushi Manabe, COO, STAN Systems Corporation, “Systems that prepare and analyze large volumes of data at industrial sites require affordable cost, speed, flexibility, and high durability. HPE Edgeline GL20 fulfills all of these requirements and is an optimum gateway for getting to know your worksite inside and out”. Discussing the ease of use as a big advantage, Manabe also said GL20 is a product that disrupts the concept of the high-performance gateway as we know it." In addition to those high specs, what interests me is the various uses that can be developed depending on the project scale and user situation. Data processing is also possible at the edge, so you can achieve control while data is being acquired by the GL20", he further added.

Last year at the HPE Discover event, HPE announced that it would invest $4 billion in edge computing over the next four years and the OEM agreement with STAN Systems is one example of that investment impact.  This will continue to develop their cooperative working relationship and by using the HPE Edgeline products as a foothold, the goal is to build a mutually beneficial relationship.  “HPE is involved in partnerships with various corporations having the latest technology and is adding value to its own products but if HPE Edgeline were to be fused with AI, I am sure that an entirely new value will be created. If there are more options for wireless communication and analysis tools, I believe that HPE Edgeline is an important piece in the IoT platform puzzle", Manabe said.

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