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Serving the Needs of Modern India, SBI Joins HPE to Embrace Rapid Growth and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is changing the way Indian enterprise conducts business and satisfies their customers. The entire landscape is undergoing massive shift towards becoming mobile. India, a nation of 1.3 billion people, consists of more than half the population under the age of 30. The youthful drive is transforming India into a global economic powerhouse, yet the country still grapples with historic issues of poverty and corruption. State Bank of India (SBI) is the nation’s most prominent and oldest bank. As a government-run entity, it serves a social mission, including support of the “Digital India” initiative to transform India into a modern cashless society. SBI also must compete efficiently as a business, satisfying shareholders and introducing new digital and mobile banking services meeting customer demand. To support these goals, SBI undertook digital transformation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Re-architecting its IT stack for growth, efficiency, and next-generation agility, SBI stands ready to help each Indian citizen participate in a thriving economy.

 SBI became a Top 50 global bank and a Fortune Global 500 company when it merged with five associate banks in 2017. Skyrocketing growth combined with the rise of new digital channels called for IT transformation of SBI. Although SBI has steadily upgraded its technology infrastructure over the years, the bank needed its IT data center footprint re-designed and equipped with next-generation capabilities to support growing digital services such as SBI’s mobile wallet. To these ends, it endeavored to reinvent its IT technology stack and data center architecture for lower cost and higher adaptability.


Future-oriented architecture delivers scale, resilience, security

To meet next-generation customer demands, SBI re-designed data center architecture and upgraded the IT technology stack for growth and agility. Benchmark testing of its domestic core banking application on the new HPE platform proved the system scale to support masses of customers. SBI’s international banking application deployed on a new High Availability architecture, including high-performance computing and all-flash storage from HPE. The virtualized set-up meets global banking standards and enables database hosting that fulfills each country’s requirements including timely reconciliation across zones.  SBI is working with HPE Pointnext consulting on end-to-end engineering to reinvent its physical data center footprint. It is one of the first banks in India to adopt a three-way setup to deliver full redundancy, with a primary data center, a hot site replica, and a disaster recovery facility for maximum resilience. A new modular, 9 megawatts, 43,000 square foot, Tier III (99.982% availability) data center is under construction in Hyderabad.

For its growing mobile banking services, SBI worked with HPE and its partner, VMware, to create a robust, scalable private cloud. SBI is also deploying HPE composable infrastructure to upgrade tellers’ web access to the core banking system and strengthen branch security with biometric fingerprint scanning of tellers—a use case that approaches Internet of Things capabilities.

“The digital transformation of SBI supports the digital transformation of India. The future of 1.3 billion people depends on us getting it right. That is why we rely on HPE for consulting expertise and next-generation technology solutions,” says Mrutyunjay Mahapatra, Deputy Managing Director and CIO, State Bank of India.

HPE has been a trusted partner for SBI for more than a decade now. Currently, SBI handles 500 million accounts and has a growth plan to reach 2 billion accounts through digital transformation. HPE, with its path-breaking infrastructure solutions, is aligned with this vision. HPE’s objective is to help SBI in enhancing their customer experience and streamline their operations by using robust IT infrastructure comprising of HPE Superdome servers and storage solutions. Read the complete success story here!


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