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SixSq: Building the smart cities of tomorrow with HPE OEM



Ever imagined a city that's more secure, more efficient, and more sustainable? Or a city where the street lights automatically adjust their intensity based on the amount of traffic detected? The good news is we are already a part of this revolution- the smart city. Thanks to SixSq, an IoT software innovator, that has made this smart city solution a reality today with the help of HPE OEM. SixSq now delivers the smart city and smart science solutions, built on the HPE Edgeline portfolio, enabling customers to use real-time data for automating things like street light intensity at the edge and transforming aggregate IoT data into actionable insights in the cloud.

HPE OEM program has enabled seamless solution deployments from edge to cloud. By leveraging the HPE OEM program, SixSq offers edge-to-cloud solutions based on Edgeline Systems—from the GL10 IoT Gateway to the EL4000 Converged Edge System. This means customers can deploy SixSq software virtually anywhere with just a simple USB key that transforms the Edgeline device into an intelligent and secure solution with seamless integration across the product line.

According to Marc-Elian Begin, SixSq, CEO and co-founder, "The HPE OEM program enabled us to certify our software on the entire Edgeline portfolio in a smooth process, so we can supply the full range of our customers' deployment needs with a single partner. Being able to leverage the massive exposure of HPE is a big part of bringing our solutions to market, from both a technology standpoint as well as marketing and warranty service", he further added.

Every industry comes with its unique challenges. However, HPE OEM Solutions have all these issues covered, offering flexible services, and technology that yields the meaningful results you and your end customers require. To know more about our OEM offerings, click here.


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