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Today's highly connected world is changing at a rapid pace, and your solutions need to keep up. With the complexities of cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things, do you have the expertise to create, install, manage and securely deploy these solutions - and the ability to analyze and utilize all the data they generate? With HPE OEM Solutions and our partners by your side, you can.

When the market is eccentric, partnering with an infrastructure provider is a smart move that can reduce cost and complexity while getting your products to market faster. HPE helps OEMs to be more competitive by reducing research and development, testing, support, and operational costs while speeding their time-to-market with a complete portfolio of world-class solutions and support.  So most of the times, we discuss OEMs as the company that has an intellectual property that they need to tightly couple to an underlined infrastructure, so being a globally capable organization they select HPE.

HPE helps future-proof and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the equipment and technology solutions that power the customers. HPE’s energy-efficient converged systems and workstations help enhance product stability with long-life components supported globally. With a broad portfolio of products and services and the largest support network in the industry, HPE is the partner of choice to strengthen competitive advantage. HPE offers a standard portfolio of products that can have a minimum of 3 years of availability, but we can have lifecycle extensions with most of our OEMs.


HPE products are present in every industry in the most demanding applications.

Healthcare: HPE is the world's largest provider of health and life sciences IT technology and services.  HPE ProLiant SL is the first hyper-scale server purpose-built for Big Data workloads like genome sequencing, 3-D/4-D visualization, and computer aided detection. Also, healthcare companies have a city-scan machine or an MRI machine that has all the data of the patient. That data needs to be processed to interpret what’s going inside the body and all that is done by HPE servers, so it's good to be classified as HPE saves lives.

Broadcasting: HPE can be the single vendor to help you build and globally support studio solutions that must create and serve up high-definition content without overloading broadcast network data centers. We are innovators in high performance/density scalable and converged systems, and powerful, graphics-intensive workstations that slash development time, as well as footprint and energy needs. Integrate your products with converged infrastructure solutions like HPE BladeSystem to save space, power, and cooling in cramped studios.

Gaming and Hospitality: Build revenue-generating systems on HPE and lower TCO while enhancing the customer experience. Ensure predictable performance with HPE ProLiant Gen8 servers and proactive remote support. HPE Hyperscale SL systems serve up extreme graphics and data faster than ever.

Security and Surveillance: We are leading in video surveillance industry, and it’s not just the streaming video aspect of it, but it’s the smart software that’s inside the servers. HPE improves the safety your IP-based solutions provide with industry-standard servers, storage, networking, and client devices. Broadest storage options across NAS, DAS, and SAN to support capture, archive, and retrieval of any security access or security image data. Low latency switches like the HPE 5900 accelerates authentication and authorization transactions.

Telecom Network Equipment Provider: Every time you make a call, surf internet or text, there is the probability that HPE servers are involved in it, whether it can be in switching, or in SDM (subscriber data management). When an OEM partners with HPE, he can rest assure that the final product will meet the strict requirements of Telecoms. An OEM can largely benefit from HPE’s 16 years of NEBS-certified platforms, deep Telco relationships, and its proven leadership for converged infrastructure.

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