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Space Symposium 2021: Check out the major highlights!


It's been a long wait. Some two and a half years have passed since the last Space Symposium. The world’s biggest & most-awaited Space event is back & now up and running through August 23rd to 26th in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This year, the show will enable its thousands of global attendees to seamlessly engage and conduct business both in-person and virtually.

Like the previous years, the Space Symposium 2021 witnessed attendees from all sectors of the space community, bringing all these groups together in one place to provide a unique opportunity to examine space issues from multiple perspectives, to promote dialog and to focus attention on critical space issues.

Here are more details about all the major highlights & happenings at Space Symposium 2021:

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) introduced its Spaceborne Computer-2, which was launched to the International Space Station in February.  Spaceborne Computer-2 will enable astronauts to eliminate longer latency and wait times associated with sending data to-and-from earth to tackle research and gain insights immediately for a range of projects. To learn more about Spaceborne Computer-2, click here


  • HPE OEM teamed up with OrbitsEdge to showcase the SatFrame hardware model, designed to protect sensitive hardware & built on HPE Edgeline EL8000 Converged Edge Systems. In the picture: Paul Santilli from HPE OEM Team at the booth with OrbitsEdge's Richard Ward.
  • NASA Administrator Bill Nelson addressed the event and spoke about their upcoming missions, emphasizing the agency's climate priorities, and how NASA brings value to everyday life. He also announced that the satellite imagery software program OpenET will be publicly available starting in September.

  • Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall addressed the 36th Space Symposium, noting the critical role that space plays in the nation’s security. He also spoke about reorganizing the office that oversees Space Force acquisition programs. 

  • The event also witnessed NASA's Jim Bridenstine and Redwire President & COO Andrew Rush discussing the importance of public-private partnerships that help support commercialization in low-Earth orbit. Some of the other topics discussed at the event included "were debris mitigation, on-orbit servicing, assembly, and manufacturing (OSAM), and ushering in a new era of commercial space stations".

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