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Superloop-HPE OEM partnership launches new cybersecurity innovation to protect school networks.

Cybersecurity is a massive threat for every business today, which also focuses on schools and educational institutions. It is, therefore, very essential to protect school networks from cyber-attacks, unauthorized access & malicious content. However, most schools even today struggle with such security issues and find it hard to fix the problem. Superloop, the leading innovator of sophisticated K12 learning enablement and cyber safety solutions, built on HPE Proliant Servers, recently announced an extension in the cybersecurity features of its CyberHound platform, aiming to help schools seamlessly secure their networks from the rapidly expanding threat vectors from BYO Devices and malicious threats. By partnering with HPE OEM program, Superloop can now deliver high performance and scalable cybersecurity appliance to K-12 schools.

The HPE OEM enables Superloop to maintain simplicity and consistency while delivering a solution for schools with limited IT resources. OEM addresses this need by standardizing on HPE ProLiant DL-series servers, preconfigured by HPE to the company’s exact specifications. According to John Fison, CEO, Superloop, "HPE has a well-deserved reputation for excellent service, and we know that from first-hand experience. The HPE OEM partner provides us with the best-in-the-world server platform. Being able to order standard server configurations globally through the HPE OEM program gives us a massive advantage".

“The HPE OEM program exposes us to a broad range of technology solutions to strengthen our security offerings to schools and expand our business opportunities. And it gives us local purchasing capabilities with in-country support that amplifies our market opportunities on a global scale”, Fison further added.

During our recent HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas event, the OEM team hosted a video interview with Superloop, showcasing how they leveraged the HPE OEM program to help businesses move from smart to intelligent through IoT technologies, creating the workplace of the future and providing cybersecurity solution to K-12 schools. John Fison, who was one of the panelists, shared how Superloop leverages their HPE OEM partnership to launch the latest cybersecurity innovation to protect school networks. To read more about the Superloop session at Discover 2019, click here.

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