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Re: Take on New Opportunities with Hybrid IT and Get the Best of Both Worlds

Today's business dynamics drive the need for IT infrastructure change and organizations can't afford to be complacent. Enterprises must evolve rapidly to stay competitive in our modern, fast-paced world.

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In many organizations, the advent of cloud services has widened the split between IT and other business functions. Business leaders focus on what the cloud can potentially offer for business deployments, scalability, and costs. While IT focuses more on risk, accentuated by a few highly publicized cloud failures. The challenges that mid to large global enterprises and service providers’ face compounded by the ease of entry into markets by new players that move at a faster pace than entrenched companies. To combat this challenge they need to respond faster to changing market conditions. To accelerate their businesses enterprises are seeking to implement the right mix of private cloud, public cloud, managed cloud and traditional IT infrastructure, thereby speeding innovation and growth. A solution that focuses on a hybrid infrastructure design is the top choice of many mid to large enterprises. By transforming your infrastructure in a way that avoids disruption to the business, you can solve your most pressing issues and prepare for future success. Hybrid IT combines the right mix of traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud to meet your business and IT goals, so you can integrate new technologies where needed and maintain legacy systems where appropriate.


Hybrid IT Transformation Stories

As enterprises steer toward the future, they find themselves constrained by a variety of obstacles to embracing new IT operating models. Here are few success stories of the leading companies that have found their right mix with help from HPE.

  • Dropbox leveraged HPE’s technology, enterprise market knowledge, services, and engineering expertise to significantly scale its operations. Dropbox replaced its public cloud with a high-performance, on-premises private cloud. To scale its cloud-based data management and security, Dropbox required seamless collaboration for users — from consumer to SMB to enterprise — regardless of device or technology differences.
  • Trustpower engaged with HPE to transition its legacy applications to the cloud. Trustpower centralized on HPE Helion CloudSystem Enterprise to provide a better quality service at a lower cost. HPE Helion CloudSystem Enterprise will also be providing Trustpower with flexible deployment options for its private cloud.
  • Tel Aviv Stock Exchange migrates critical mainframe applications with HPE. The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange needed to migrate its mission-critical applications from an IBM mainframe environment and turned to HPE Data Center Platform Consulting services to help plan and implement a platform migration strategy from its older, proprietary systems. With HPE Data Center Platform Consulting, the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange was also able to bring industry-leading availability, increased performance, and uncompromising client choice to support all of its IT needs.
  • Deutsche Bank HPE is deploying a range of private and public cloud services to Deutsche Bank as part of a long-term digital transformation project. There’s a change in attitude by financial services firms toward the cloud, and HPE is positioned to benefit from this.


The future of hybrid IT 

With IT playing a larger part in corporate decisions every day, IT leaders are looking to reduce cost and administration while increasing scalability and flexibility – all with better quality, security, and service. Now is the time to incorporate hybrid IT into your strategic business initiatives.

Most companies are taking a step-by-step approach to evolving their infrastructures. With colocation as a first step, more will be moving to the cloud to push performance to new levels in the future. Optimize your Right Mix and ensure efficiency HPE enables IT to become an agile, internal service provider with the tools you need to optimize your hybrid infrastructure with an assured performance, security, and compliance. Our hybrid infrastructure management tools offer self-service access with multiple service catalogs and templated service designs to administer and optimize resources across a hybrid infrastructure. They allow you to maximize utilization, reduce costs, and ensure the agility you need to meet the demands of both internal and external services.

 Enterprise IT organizations and service providers are realizing the benefits of this next-generational thinking by focusing not merely on the implementation of the tools and technologies, but on the overall vision. They're not taking an ad hoc approach to workload and application migrations, but purposefully working, in a structured way, to transform their organizations.


Hybrid IT success

Ad hoc outsourcing of IT does not leverage technology as part of the organization's value chain in the execution of its strategy or mission. A focus on IT cost consistently fails to enable the necessary efficiencies and innovation, whether delivered from internal IT or an outsourced cloud provider's generic offerings. Provisional outsourcing also costs you the internal insight, intellect, and principles to translate business needs into IT services, however, sourced. The real investment is in enabling IT to deliver business value under new models and added capabilities—far beyond what a public cloud provider would ever be able to deliver. Building a hybrid IT infrastructure, as the respondents seem to agree, is the best way to provide day-to-day operational flexibility to their businesses while still allowing everything from secure legacy applications to cutting-edge cloud techniques.


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