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The Future of Workplace Post COVID-19


The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the dynamics of a workplace – not only for now but for the future as well. The pandemic has forced global organizations to allow their employees to work from home for their own safety. According to Gartner Reports, a survey of "130 HR leaders revealed that 90% of respondents plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part of the time, even after the COVID-19 vaccine is widely adopted, while 65% of respondents reported that their organization will continue to offer employees flexibility on when they work". Judging by surveys, companies are now stepping out of their traditional comfort zone to build a more secure infrastructure that breaks down location barriers. So, have you ever imagined how would our future workplace look like? Here are predictions and recommendations:

Greater reliance on digital models:

One undeniable effect of the pandemic is the sudden embrace of digital transformation. Enterprises of all types and sizes have sped up their digital plans to meet with the new reality: remote workforces, remote customers, and partners, and just about everything needing to run digitally. We will see a greater reliance on digital models as hybrid workplace models―enabling seamless productivity regardless of physical location―become the norm.

The Happy Workspace:

Although the work from home option has resulted in employees being more productive at work, at the same time it has created more of a work-life balance. Work from home is not the perfect situation for everyone, especially those with kids and families. It is time business leaders should start looking at how they can bridge the gap between home and the more traditional office, creating environments with people in mind. Consider how to keep your spaces interactive, encouraging collaboration and creativity.

Artificial Intelligence & the future of work:

Manufacturing, telemedicine, essential goods delivery are some excellent examples of the power of human-machine collaboration during the crisis. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, the banking, healthcare, and retail sectors relied heavily on conversational agents to bolster customer support functions. With face-to-face customer service interactions severely limited, these sectors will experience significant growth in chatbot use.

With growing uncertainties, what has become certain is that the new normal will not look like the old one at all. As the pandemic resets routine workplace processes, leaders need to carefully assess each trend’s impact and implement the right technologies to pave the way for futuristic working methods. Hence, organizations must aim to build a resilient workplace, one that is equipped to deal with the realities of business post-COVID.

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