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The Power of HPE OneSphere Cloud Management: Success Stories

Transforming from a traditional environment to a digital organization often means your apps live in multiple data centers, across various clouds and at the edge of your network. Hybrid IT merges on-premises IT with the cloud to deliver many advantages, but it can also introduce new challenges in operational efficiency and multi-platform administration. A comprehensive, unified, multi-cloud management solution helps remove these limitations to your successful digital transformation.


Success in action

HPE OneSphere helps organizations across diverse verticals and geographical locations solve their IT management challenges and meet their business needs. OneSphere is an end-to-end, multi-cloud management platform that enables you to deploy, operate and optimize hybrid IT environments and workloads. HudsonAlpha and Optio Data use HPE OneSphere to deploy workloads in minutes – without training or documentation.


  1. HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology- A mission to translate the power of genomics into real-world results


Due to recent advances in technology, researchers now have the capability to sequence a genome faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Moreover, the information they gather from understanding a person’s unique genetic profile can be used to find and administer better medical treatments that can save lives.

The computational work done at HudsonAlpha is data-intensive — and continually growing. HudsonAlpha generates over six petabytes of data a year that must be managed, stored, manipulated, and analyzed. To continue to advance in their research goals, they needed to digitally transform, which meant rethinking how they implement IT across their organization.

HudsonAlpha chose HPE OneSphere to consolidate the management of its various cloud platforms into a single view, enabling IT admins to centralize resource allocation and regain efficiency.


 “Our computational work is data intensive and constantly growing. With the HPE OneSphere analytics dashboard, we get a clear view of all our clouds and infrastructure. We see how resources are being used which enables our IT organization to best support and enable genomic research and campus operations with an efficient and unified hybrid cloud,”- says KATREENA MULLICAN, Senior Architect, and Cloud Whisperer, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology


HudsonAlpha was also experiencing the standard growing pains of governance around cloud-based resources: the age-old question of how to empower end users while still maintaining control over utilization and security. Overall, HudsonAlpha needed a way to bring its cloud infrastructure under one management tool and provide visibility into all aspects of management, resourcing, and costs.

To address the challenges caused by its systems sprawl, HudsonAlpha worked with HPE to test a new hybrid cloud solution, HPE OneSphere. By consolidating management of HudsonAlpha’s various cloud platforms onto a single screen, HPE OneSphere enables IT admins to centralize resource allocation without having to jump to multiple screens and work with each system separately. This eases the pain of governance by providing more visibility into how resources are being used and by whom.

HPE OneSphere demonstrated that, once fully deployed, the solution’s centralized management, metrics, and resource allocation capabilities could give back to HudsonAlpha some much-needed efficiency.


  1. Optio Data, a Data strategy company – IT strategy company delivering expertise in cloud, data and security

Optio data worked with HPE IT as beta customers for HPE OneSphere. The biggest thing that HPE Onespehere helps with is getting people out of legacy IT mindset. Optio Data implemented a multi-cloud management platform for hybrid IT. In the fall of 2017, Optio Data agreed to beta test HPE OneSphere, an as-a-service hybrid-cloud management platform that simplifies management of cloud environments and on-premises infrastructure. It was looking for a simple-to-deploy and easy-to-use solution that would help a wide array of customers move toward digital transformation while evolving legacy environments.

Optio Data wanted a solution that addressed the needs of customers who required not only the fast and flexible development options that a cloud-based solution can provide but also the security and control of keeping their solution on premises. HPE OneSphere provided the answer. With HPE OneSphere embrace a cloud mentality whether your data is on-prem or in the public cloud. This product is designed for next-generation IT; this is intended for people who embrace the change.

 “With the HPE OneSphere beta, we were up and running in a matter of minutes.  I was deploying workloads in AWS in minutes without any documentation – it just went – I’ve never seen that before in this kind of space,”- says, BRIAN KOENIGSKNECHT, Solutions Engineer, Optio Data, a data strategy company

One feature in particular that differentiated HPE OneSphere for Optio Data was its fast setup and ease of use. From onboarding the environment to using the application, HPE OneSphere was up and running in a single day.


  1. DreamWorks Animation unleashes creativity

DreamWorks Animation uses hybrid cloud management to rapidly provision infrastructure and enables artists to realize their vision. As DreamWorks Animation embraces HPE’s latest technology innovations and services, the gains in cost-efficiency and compute flexibility magnifies. These savings allow more time for creative iteration and ultimately, a stronger final product that will amaze and entertain audiences worldwide.

“It’s an exciting time at DreamWorks Animation. We’ve embarked on an unprecedented level of collaboration with HPE, to craft an environment where filmmakers can more easily than ever before transforming the vision in their minds to images onscreen. The best is yet to come,” says- Kate Swanborg, Senior Vice President of Technology Communications and Strategic Alliances, DreamWorks Animation


What Differentiates OneSphere From Other Solutions?

  • Self-Service Catalog -Improves productivity and speeds up app deployment
  • Open -Enables the use of third-party developer tools and apps
  • Visibility and Analytics -Provides an aggregate view of the Hybrid IT environment
  • Cloud-Like Experience -Delivers on-premises via “low ops” lifecycle management


HPE OneSphere brings dynamic multi-cloud, hybrid IT management capabilities for secure, on-demand provisioning. It initially supported Amazon Web Services (AWS), and soon added Microsoft Azure and Google public clouds. The platform’s single view also compares costs and usage across clouds and on-premises deployments. This can help CIOs better control resources and spending. OneSphere’s unified experience streamlines DevOps as well, the company claims, because it gives developers access to a virtual resource pool with all of an enterprises’ templates, cloud-native tools, and applications.


Hear how the customer discuss how role-based access transforms their day-to-day work processes and their HPE OneSphere experience. Learn about HPE’s approach to managing hybrid IT by checking out the HPE website, HPE OneSphere. Hear their first impressions and how they think other customers can benefit.

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