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The sky's the limit: HPE OEM partner CTERA opens new markets leveraging HPE SimpliVity

CTERA Networks has recently announced the launch the world's first hyperconverged cloud gateway, the CTERA Edge X Series, by partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). The CTERA Edge X Series, integrated with HPE SimpliVity, provides all-in-one edge storage and compute solution, enabling enterprises to satisfy their compute and file services requirements. CTERA's collaboration with the HPE OEM program has facilitated scalable, cost-effective, and secure local file services for globally distributed enterprises.

Today, enterprises are rapidly adopting hybrid cloud infrastructures to gain more agility and enable greater collaboration among globally distributed teams. However, providing local file services across thousands of locations has been a challenge. Traditional file services using network-attached storage (NAS) do not scale cost-effectively, and for enterprises with highly sensitive data, security at the edge is a major concern. CTERA has been able to overcome this problem, thanks to its new partnership with HPE OEM.

Describing why CTERA chose HPE OEM, the company's COO, Oded Nagel, said, “We chose HPE products because of the range of available options that enable us to continually expand our offerings and pursue new markets. Just as importantly, we value working with good people who we can trust and feel confident they’ll respond quickly to our needs. Worldwide, the support I get from the people in the HPE OEM organization has been great”. While working with the HPE OEM team, Nagel realized that the HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged platform was the ideal solution, which powered the new CTERA Edge X Series to deliver cost-effective file services across thousands of remote sites. CTERA now offers an intelligent approach to unstructured data management from edge to core, which helped it expand new market opportunities.

Nagel, on the other hand, wishes that the creative collaboration between CTERA and HPE continues to grow. "As an HPE OEM partner, I have visibility into one of the top vendor’s product roadmaps, which helps me build CTERA’s long-range strategy. That’s a very important part of our OEM relationship", he further added.

Learn more in the full press release announcement here.

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