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Transformation Areas for the New Style of Business

Improve Business Outcomes through Transformation

The cloud, mobility and big data are fundamentally reshaping IT.  HPE believes organizations must fundamentally rework their IT systems and practices to compete in today’s hyperconnected, data-driven world.   To that end we’ve identified four transformation areas we believe businesses must embrace to succeed. And we’re aligning our technology platforms and services initiatives around these key transformation areas to help our OEMs and customers improve their business outcomes.



  • Transform to a hybrid infrastructure

Businesses are turning to the cloud to reduce TCO and accelerate the pace of innovation.  A hybrid infrastructure—one that combines public cloud, private cloud and traditional IT—is critical to success.  As an OEM, HPE can help you efficiently extend your solutions to the cloud.  By combining conventional on-premises solutions with on-demand compute and storage resources, such as HPE Helion, you can improve your competitive position while reducing solution cost and complexity for you and your customers.


  • Protect your digital enterprise

Your customers expect your solutions to be up and running at all times to compete in the digital economy. Application downtime or data loss can mean dissatisfied clients and lost business.  From flexible storage platforms and data backup and recovery solutions, to resilient server and networking solutions, HPE has the technology you need to satisfy your customers’ stringent SLA requirements.


  • Empower the data-driven organization

Data is the lifeblood of the modern business.  The latest analytics solutions provide valuable insights into business dynamics, helping your customers maintain a competitive edge. HPE’s high-performance compute, storage and networking platforms are ideal for processing, collecting and transporting massive data volumes. In addition, HPE Vertica and HPE Autonomy solutions for big data, combined with HPE Helion, are great platforms for your analytics workloads.  As an OEM, they provide a solid foundation for gathering and analyzing big data and adding business intelligence to your solutions.


  • Enable workplace productivity

In an always-connected world, information workers need predictable and reliable access to all their business applications from any place, at any time.   As an OEM, HPE’s network and security product portfolio can help you deliver consistent user experiences across devices and locations.  From secure campus networking solutions to OpenFlow-compliant network elements for automating datacenter and cloud traffic flows, HPE has standards-based network products you can count on.  We can help you improve your competitive position by optimizing your solutions for today’s cloud first, mobile-first users.


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