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Understanding the big picture for IoT: Here's what you should look for


The Internet of things (IoT), without a shadow of a doubt, can be considered the most impactful technological evolution of today. This next-generation internet is growing exponentially and can offer vast scopes to introduce great changes into our lives. IoT is providing new ways to drive efficiencies, transform enterprises into digital businesses, engage customers, and facilitate new business models. This, therefore, has led several industries and organizations to adopt IoT technology and improve their existing systems. However, many don't know where to start, or even whether they have the right IoT strategy in place.

In this blog, we will discuss major IoT strategies and how companies can plan IoT infrastructure to achieve a stronger competitive position in the marketplace.

  • IoT survey results: IDC surveyed 600 corporate and line-of-business IT executives to see how the IoT framework determines where an organization lies on the IoT-readiness spectrum. The results show a stark difference between companies with high IoT readiness (IoT All-Stars and IoT Pros) and those with low IoT readiness (IoT Rookies and IoT Amateurs). This means IDC concluded that on these and other cloud-related measures, the high-readiness companies that employed more advanced and innovative technologies were more open to making technology investments, and employ IoT across more platforms.
  • Companies must understand the bigger IoT picture: To reach wide adoption, organizations first need to have a better understanding of IoT. When you know the bigger picture, you know how to implement it successfully. As a leader, ask yourself, 'What do I want to achieve as a business outcome? ‘What is it we need to focus on?'. Companies need to think bigger when it comes to implementing an effective IoT strategy, setting goals based on the IoT framework and carrying out pilot projects.
  • Building out an IoT infrastructure, from the "things" to the edge to the core/data center: According to an IoT survey, nearly half of IoT Amateurs, Rookies, and Pros were designing and deploying new infrastructures for IoT, compared with just one-quarter of IoT All-Stars. This may seem counterintuitive. However, as per the IDC paper, the latter group preferred to leverage or adapt existing IT infrastructure investments and use new components as needed. "Doing so gives them the flexibility, scalability, and agility they need to accommodate changing applications, data analytics frameworks, and governance standards," the report states.

IoT offers the ability to connect the unconnected, collecting and delivering significant volumes of real-time insight—the kind of insight that can help identify opportunity, drive efficiencies, and fuel intelligent business decisions.

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