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VENZO Secure simplifies security & surveillance with HPE OEM


Video surveillance solutions are not “one size fits all” and configuring proven software on optimized server platforms can be very challenging. If the server platform is not powerful enough, the solution can be underpowered. Therefore, Venzo Secure, a Danish IT solutions provider, saw the need for hardware platforms that would provide an optimized turnkey solution for video security deployments. The company collaborated with HPE OEM to gain access to turnkey surveillance solutions for large-scale projects on a global basis. Thanks to HPE OEM's pre-configured solutions that eliminate the risk and complexity occurring while dealing with larger infrastructure projects.

With the help of HPE OEM, Venzo now has access to a very wide portfolio of some of the best servers and storage in the marketplace today. “HPE OEM has been a strong supporter of our business since day one. It’s in their DNA. I would recommend anyone considering an OEM relationship to investigate partnering with HPE because HPE OEM will back you up, give you great advice, and support the product you deliver", explains Adrian Adolfsson, Chief Operating Officer at VENZO Secure. “It’s a business advantage to our customers and us because HPE OEM gives us the ability to bring new products to market faster", he further added.

Another key feature of VENZO Secure’s relationship with HPE OEM is the fulfilment and support part of the equation. HPE OEM allows Venzo to ship their solutions around the globe, where their partners get access to local, 24/7 support from HPE. No matter what the future brings, VENZO Secure sees its partnership with HPE OEM as a critical part of its business model. “HPE OEM has been a fantastic partner for us because we never have to worry about the quality of the hardware or the availability of support", Adolfsson further explains.

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