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Vital Images helps support patient outcomes better with HPE OEM


Modern 3D and 4D images of anatomy and physiological functions enable doctors to make better diagnoses. These visually accurate and clear medical images help improve patient outcomes.  Vital Images, a Canon Group company, has been delivering these life-impacting capabilities for more than 30 years. It helps healthcare organizations deliver exceptional care while enhancing resources across multi-facility organizations. However, Vital Images has been looking for a server platform with the processing power to handle image rendering and processing. And to continue scaling its business globally, the company partnered with HPE OEM to offer worldwide support and logistics.

Choosing the right hardware platforms on which to bundle its turnkey solutions is critical for Vital. Image rendering demands high-performance servers that support graphics processing units (GPUs). Image orchestration requires servers to run numerous virtual machines (VMs). Server configurations must be optimized for each type of workload. As an HPE OEM partner, Vital gains quick access to standardized configurations optimized for each type of workload, which enables Vital to accelerate time to market for its solutions.

According to Jeremy Rollie, Director of Operations, Vital Images, "The HPE OEM program provides us quick turn-around for acquiring servers with the specific configurations we need, which helps accelerate our go‑to‑market strategy".

For Vital, global technical support is another important advantage of being an HPE OEM partner. As a subsidiary of Canon Group, Vital works with other Canon Group subsidiaries to sell its standardized solutions to customers around the world. Warranty service delivered directly by HPE in-country provides these customers with confidence that these life-critical systems are running at their best.

“The biggest thing I can say about HPE is the attention they pay to their customers. It’s that quick turn-around time on products and service. And the technology is rock-solid. We have some customers that have been running our solutions on HPE servers for five or six years and have never been down. But when it’s needed, the service is phenomenal. HPE’s commitment to us as a customer is the best I’ve seen in the market", Rollie concludes.

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