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Today, companies look forward to innovation, generating new ideas, and planning for the future. They want to commercialize their products and services, expand to new markets and improve their businesses. When these organizations partner with HPE OEM, their mission becomes ours. HPE OEM work alongside innovators using HPE technology and resources to bring transformational solutions to market that advance the way people live and work. Our OEM Solutions help them create new services faster, build intelligent edge solutions, minimize risk, and leverage global support.

Every industry has its own set of challenges. HPE OEM Solutions, with decades of experience, enables innovative businesses to harness the incredible power of the industry’s most transformative technology by tailoring these standard solutions per OEM customers’ requirements. They offer flexible services, technology, and branding options that yield the meaningful results you and your end customers require.

According to Rod Anliker, Chief Technologist, Worldwide OEM Group, HPE, "The HPE OEM group specializes in working on problems our customers have at the edge of the network, outside the data setup. As we've built that expertise overtime, we've become proficient in what it takes to adapt servers and storage and networking technology to the edge of the network. The engineering skills that we have built within the OEM group over the years uniquely positions us to bring this to our customers".

  • Solutions: HPE OEM Solutions partner get access to the full portfolio of HPE server, storage and networking technologies, from high-performance mission-critical computing to wireless network security to IoT edge solutions.
  • HPE Global supply chain: The HPE supply chain allows OEM partners to extend their reach to new markets. HPE OEM has unmatched resources and worldwide reach, including global manufacturing supporting in-region logistics, cable, image, rebrand, fixed FW, and more.


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