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Watch: Here's how Nokia Software leverages HPE GreenLake to gain agility & efficiency for their R&D


The advent of 5G is radically transforming the way the telecom industry works and tackle network-related challenges to reap a maximum reward in the future. However, the role of a mobile phone today is not limited to just calling or texting others. So, here's what is in store for us in the future- 5G will further challenge what is possible on a mobile device and the good news is Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications giant, is already out in front of the rising wave of 5G applications. With this, Nokia's Software business unit leverages HPE GreenLake to lead the 5G revolution with a private cloud as a service built on all-flash HPE 3PAR storage and HPE BladeSystem compute, thereby maximizing performance, reducing capital expenses and environmental footprint. HPE GreenLake brings cloud speed, agility, and an as-a-service model to where your apps and data are today, transforming the way you do business with one experience and one operating model across your distributed clouds.

Nokia Software has a long history with HPE using HPE BladeSystem and HPE Synergy compute systems with HPE 3PAR storage as the foundation of the vLab infrastructure. Moreover, to increase elasticity in the infrastructure, Nokia Software also adopted a consumption-based IT model from HPE GreenLake to deliver a private cloud as a service for R&D. This newest iteration of HPE 3PAR, loaded with the latest innovations allows the storage environment to be automated and integrated with R&D workflows.

The high performance of the HPE 3PAR 20850 enables developers to perform more testing in parallel, which translates to better quality products and faster time to market. However, with HPE GreenLake, Nokia can now bring hardware elasticity on-premises at a fraction of the cost of public cloud. Leveraging HPE GreenLake to operate the vLab in a consumption-based IT model, Nokia Software only pays for the storage capacity used, creating a very manageable and predictable monthly operating expense. Yet, with HPE GreenLake, the resources are in place to grow as needed without the time and expense associated with new capital investments.

According to Ron Haberman, the CTO at Nokia Software, "So with Nokia Software, we started the fairly long transformation from a physical appliance type of an approach to the virtual world and now Cloud-native. We had to overcome how to actually consume open source, how to harden open source, and how to work in an ecosystem model. We wanted to expand the ecosystem, and that's where HPE came in to help us. Within Nokia Software & vLab, we were looking for ways to make ourselves more efficient and provide better service. So, we used HPE GreenLake as a tool to increase the velocity of hardware available to the users on one hand, and of course, making costs much more streamlined".

Today, Nokia Software has five HPE 3PAR 20850 arrays in production in the Tampere vLab, thereby making it a very active environment, supporting thousands of software engineers, developing and testing 5G applications in a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) model. "Real life 5G applications that are compelling to drive excitement and forward looking opportunity", said Phillip Cutrone, the VP & GM Worldwide OEM and Service Providers at HPE. Therefore, automation with HPE 3PAR helps the Tampere vLab deploy as many as six million virtual machines (VMs) per year for R&D and testing, and that number is rapidly growing.

Claus Pedersen, the VP Telco Sales at HPE added “HPE is the leader for providing open carrier grade infrastructure to Telcos worldwide.  Our partnership with Nokia powers communication networks globally and is leading the 5G evolution in the Telco industry. With the introduction of HPE GreenLake, HPE is able to provide choice of new operational models for our customers while continuing to deliver best in class infrastructure solutions."

HPE GreenLake enables Nokia to continually gain performance and workload capacity in denser, less energy-demanding footprints while bringing greater infrastructure elasticity for frictionless capacity growth. Jarkko Kytömäki, Nokia Software’s vLab infrastructure manager in Tampere, on the other hand, is confident that, "The HPE GreenLake consumption model can bring the additional resources" Nokia requires to meet the business demand. Kytömäki also points out that HPE GreenLake supports Nokia’s progressive environmental objectives.  To learn more, watch the video below:

As business models evolve and industries look at new ways of consuming services and solutions, HPE GreenLake offers your business the flexibility to scale up and down as needed. At the recent HPE Discover Virtual Experience, we hosted a very insightful & informative on-demand session on HPE GreenLake and how it offers the flexibility to scale up and down as needed in any business. You can watch this on-demand session anytime via FREE registration.  To learn more, login to HPE Discover Virtual Experience now and catch this OEM session on-demand.

Thanks to Philippe Rase (JGTM Sales Programs & Events Lead HPE Global Account Sales I Nokia Alliance) and the Nokia team for providing valuable material for this blog.

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