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Watch how HPE OEM helped Superloop CyberHound simplify school cybersecurity with HPE ProLiant Gen10


This blog talks about how HPE OEM helps Superloop CyberHound deliver a standardized cyber security appliance built on HPE ProLiant servers.

Homeschooling children during the Covid-19 pandemic is changing our approach to education. Homes are soon becoming learning centers, bringing back virtual classrooms and online classes in focus. To do so safely, schools must secure their networks from cyber-attack, which is again a challenge.

Schools must reassess their security infrastructure for remote learning to avoid any serious cyber breach. Superloop CyberHound's advanced multi-layered cybersecurity solution backed up by the best support and managed security services offers unique welfare and efficiency tools for students and school staffs.

Since most schools have limited IT resources to counter such cybercrimes, Superloop addressed this problem by standardizing on HPE ProLiant DL series servers, providing a solution that automatically enables detection and disablement of cybersecurity threats. According to John Fison, Superloop's CEO, the company's partnership with HPE OEM has provided them "a massive advantage", ensuring they "can deliver a high-performance and scalable appliance”, thereby providing out of the box solutions to the customers.

The HPE OEM program enables easy deployment of specialized cybersecurity solutions, thereby accelerating go-to-market with standardized server configurations. It also strengthens the OEM competitive advantage by providing worldwide distribution and support while delivering a consistent experience to the global customer. Watch our partnership video below:

This partnership further provides Superloop with local purchasing capabilities & "in-country support that amplifies our market opportunities on a global scale. So, we have the confidence to go sell solutions around the world, knowing that HPE is there behind us to deliver a consistently great customer experience”, Fison stated.

At the recent HPE Discover Virtual Experience, Superloop CyberHound presented an OEM demo, featuring John Fison, who explained how the HPE OEM partnership helped CyberHound position itself as a leader in network security and management for school applications. To watch this demo, you'll need to register for HPE Discover Virtual Experience and search for Demo #212. It's FREE of cost & you get access for all our HPE OEM sessions & demos.

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