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HPE’s digital version of Discover event went LIVE last week and it was a huge success in reaching out and connecting to a global audience. Like every year, our last week’s sessions & demos at HPE Virtual Experience 2020 were intriguing, thought-provoking, and most importantly, memorable. One such significant on-demand session was about Implementing Transformative Solutions from World-class HPE OEM Technology, which you can still replay & watch via FREE registration, in case you missed it out. The session demonstrated how our OEM Solutions help customers in key vertical markets to accelerate time to market with our intellectual property (IP) and customizable Tier-1 OEM technologies developed by a dedicated team of experts. Hosted by Phillip Cutrone, the VP & GM Worldwide OEM and Service Providers at HPE, the session provides us details around transformative, complex integrated solutions from real OEM customers.

The session started with Phil briefing us about the HPE OEM business, followed by a discussion on OEM customers and insights on the 4S (Solutions, Services, Supply Chain, Specialists) Ecosystem of HPE OEM. The session showcased how HPE OEM revolutionizes simplicity, high quality, distribution capability, and the service capabilities that are offered to the OEM customers, resulting in trust and confidence to work with the best Tier-1 provider. The HPE OEM Program understands the unique needs of customers as an OEM, such as advanced notification of lifecycle events, product customization, and third-party integration. With a broad portfolio of products and services and the largest support-partner network in the industry, HPE OEM is the partner of choice to strengthen your competitive advantage in vertical markets.

The session also highlighted the way HPE OEM Solutions harness the industry's most transformative technology through our 4S Ecosystem- (a) Solutions: Know how HPE OEM streamlines your solution with one robust portfolio, comprising servers, storage, networking, and services, thereby ensuring lasting success with custom, long-lifecycle products, (b) Supply chain: Learn about the worldwide resources that reach everywhere you need to go, (c) Specialists: Phil discussed how our OEM specialists address your unique needs, including customer engagement, technical design and program management, (d) Services: Here's how a global network helps you provide unparalleled service for your customers.

Sharing more insights about HPE OEM Solutions, Phil said, “It is vital for our partners to deliver excellent service experiences to their customers. We have excellent support capabilities in the world that they can rely on. When we say global services we mean a customer can buy a product in one country and can ship in another country and HPE will support that process entirely. That is the competency that not every OEM has the ability to deliver. Partners tap into our knowledge, expertise, innovation and world-class services to achieve better results for their enterprise”.

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