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When it comes to SDN Cisco is Still Playing Catch-Up

Considering SDN?  Why not take the opportunity to re-evaluate your networking vendor?  Before rolling up your sleeves, consider how HPE’s early and aggressive support contrasts with Cisco’s.

Cisco has a spotty track record when it comes to embracing SDN and open standards.  While HPE offers a broad portfolio of SDN-ready solutions across a range of technologies (switches, routers, WLAN) and market segments (campus, enterprise, service provider), Cisco has introduced SDN support grudgingly and inconsistently.   As a result Cisco OEMs are often forced to accept complex designs, with multiple products that support different architectures (some SDN-based, some proprietary) and different APIs.  That means higher software development, certification and support costs, and longer product development cycles.

Make the switch from Cisco to HPE to eliminate vendor lock-in and take full advantage of open and standards-based networking.  HPE’s standards-based SDN portfolio can help you accelerate time-to-market, eliminate cost and complexity, and gain a competitive edge.  Our comprehensive portfolio includes a software-based SDN controller as well as 60+ SDN-ready switches, routers, and wireless solutions.   With HP you can roll out new solutions that support a wide range of HP and 3rd-party OpenFlow-compliant network elements—quickly and cost-effectively.  And in the future you can add support for new network elements without having to rewrite code. 

Gloria Caughlin from HPE Competitive Marketing recently wrote a blog reviewing Cisco’s checkered history with open standards and SDN.   Avoid the consequences of working with a vendor trying to preserve their turf at your expense.  I encourage you to check out Gloria’s post to learn how Cisco’s disjointed, tactical approach to SDN pales in comparison to HP’s strategic vision for open, software-defined networking.   Make the switch to HPE networking to accelerate time-to-market and boost solution margins.


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