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Why OEMs must choose NEBS certified platforms

Although the fundamental principles of manufacturing equipment for the telecom industries are based on reliability and product safety, nevertheless these parameters are not fairly understood by manufacturers across the globe.

Telecom providers face the difficult task of delivering continuous, high-quality service to customers while working in today’s budget-constrained operating environment.  Telecommunication services are so critical in nature that they should be always available with zero downtime. Thus, NEBS-certified servers are necessary to ensure natural disasters and other occurrences will not create downtime. For telecommunications providers, provisioning servers and other network equipment that can very well handle downtime events and natural disasters are not only recommended but very much required to keep services always up and running. This indeed is essential to compete globally in an ever expanding and changing market.

When an OEM partners with HPE, they can rest assured that the final product will meet the strict requirements of Telecoms. An OEM can largely benefit from HPE’s 16 years of NEBS certified platforms, deep Telco relationships, and its proven leadership for converged infrastructure.

As the industry shifts from legacy infrastructure to the infrastructure which is inspired from open standards and virtualization, thus OEMs should and must get their product NEBS certified in order to meet the demands for long-life, faster, cheaper which are supported globally.

HPE ProLiant servers are specifically designed for the performance and energy consumption of high-density carrier environments. Even in the networking field, HPE is leading the integration of commercial off-the-shelf IT equipment into the Telco environment including blade based switches and OpenFlowenabled switches.

HPE’s NEBS certified products provide the answer to these problems for customers. HPE's products are perfect for your next-generation telecom product. Their products have extended lifecycle, comes with NEBS and ETSI certifications, provides carrier-grade Linux OS support, and are all built to HPE's legendary quality standards. HPE OEM solutions designed and engineered its NEBS-certified servers, for example, carrier-grade servers, specifically to fill these needs. The NEBS certified servers are built not only to withstand a wide range of extreme conditions but also they make sure telecommunication services keep on running without fail. 


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