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Win the 5G Race: Powering edge innovation with HPE OEM Solutions


The new generation of wireless technology is picking up the pace with every passing year and 5G is the next big thing we are looking forward to. With three times higher capacity than the current 4G standard, 5G will open up new business opportunities for the communications, media and entertainment companies you work with. The 5G race is believed to be radically transforming the way media & entertainment was created, thereby revolutionizing the domain.

The best way to provision for higher-quality content, on more devices across a 5G network is to focus on creating an edge solution, and HPE OEM Solutions helps you do this. Partnering with HPE OEM Solutions allows you to innovate faster, power edge analytics, and minimize risk. HPE has long been a partner for OEMs in the telecom & the media markets, and their powerful solutions built for the edge, like rugged HPE Edgeline servers, can quickly be configured to meet your needs. It also ensures you global reach to help you serve and support your customers wherever they are, enabling you to innovate faster and grow your business.

Here's how partnering with HPE OEM Solutions can help you:

  • Innovate faster: Using HPE OEM Solutions’ existing components as building blocks allows you to focus on the value-add features and capabilities of your final product or service, and speed time to market.
  • Power edge analytics: Edge solutions allow you to optimize capabilities and processes at the edge to create a more intelligent content management and delivery model. The data center-level performance and data handling of HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems enable deeper real-time analysis of operational data. Meanwhile, HPE OEM Solutions’ fully integrated edge-to-cloud architecture allows your customers to generate timely and efficient decisions at the edge, and better analyze and connect data to enhance organizational-level decisions.
  • Minimize risk: HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems enable data center-level compute and management directly at the edge. This helps reduce traffic to the data center so there are fewer opportunities for attackers to intercept. Also, the data that is transferred can be stored in HPE Gen 10 servers, the world’s most secure industry-standard servers.

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