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DTA 5.0 Client error message


DTA 5.0 Client error message

The following error is received on the client PC running NNM on NT 4.0 after
installing DTA 5.0 on the server.

HP OpernView Windows ERROR
Cannot start command for applications "Desktop Administrator Access Module "
Reason: No such file or directory.

No problem running DTA console through OV NNM windows on the server.

Also I can run the DTA console directly on the client bypassing the OV window.
Occasional Advisor

Re: DTA 5.0 Client error message

On Intel Machines:

From the DTA 5.0 CD you can install an additional Console. After installing it, you will have entries in the Startmenu. There is a Submenu called Integrations. In this Submenu you will find NNM Setup... installing this integration will correct this error messages...

Hope this will help you, if not post me under t.fraber@gmx.de.

Good Luck