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Migrating Openview

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Migrating Openview

I have Openview (NNM 6.1 & ITO 5.11) running on an old D box running 10.20. We are replacing that system with an L-Class running 11.00. I know that I will have to install the 11.00 software fresh on the new box, but if someone could point me to a procedure for exporting and importing the databases for each product I would be grateful.

In particular, we have several customized maps and alerts in NNM that my network admins will be very unhappy to recreate. The same is true for the logfile encapsulators and monitors we have configured for ITO (history on alerts is less important).
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Re: Migrating Openview

Please forgive the bump. I am hoping this just slid by under the Guru-attention threshhold.