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0*27 login error

Eduard De vries_1
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0*27 login error


we have recently had a HP 4050N serviced.
When we switch it on again it does not work.
We can do selftest prints, we can print from the AS400 but not from Netware (or
Windows via Netware).

We run IntraNetware 4.20 over IPX/SPX.
The AS400 printing goes over TCP/IP which works.

We have defined the printer as an IPX/SPX & TCP/IP printer.
It is being seen on the network.
When we look in JetAdmin under netware\connections, it gives a message: 0*26 or
0*27, login error.

Anybody has any clue what this might be?

THanks in advance,

Eduard de Vries
Jamie Hughes_1
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Re: 0*27 login error

Hello Eduard,

It sounds like you're having some problems with either JetDirect or the printer
itself. I can't bounce this message over to their forum, but you can post a
new message in the JetDirect or appropriate printer forum by clicking the link
on the right side of the Microsoft forum that says HP User Community Site -
it's in the blue box under the title "Other HP Forums".

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes